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First impressions matter. Especially in Marketing. We’ve got the most striking and memorable Marketing presentation templates around, so you know each slideshow you give will be impactful.

Browse Slideshop’s catalog of PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides templates that are quick and easy to customize for your own business. Pick from fully designed and complete slideshows, or just the elements and icons that will make your Marketing presentation pop. These slideshows will save you time and effort so you can focus on more important matters.

Client Spotlight: Inkwazi Kommunications

If you’re in Sales, you know how difficult it can be to put together a relevant and impactful sale presentation or sales event. That’s where Inkwazi Kommunications comes in. With years of experience in Sales Enablement & Event Management, they are in the business of helping companies put forth their sales ideas with clarity and purpose. We were lucky enough to speak with founder Catherine Schalk about her booming business, and how she uses Slideshop’s products with her business.



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Get your ideas across, show complex quantitative data visually and rock your next marketing meeting with these templates.

The best graphical application site I have encountered. Truly useful and creative.

Antonis Eleftheriou

Marketing Manager, Siemens

Quarterly Reports: Presenting Performance and Progress

It’s that time again! Time to create quarterly reports to present performance and progress to your clients or executive team. There is work ahead: pulling data, analyzing it, and then generating insights to tell the story of the last 90 days. That’s work you’re GOOD...

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Presentation Tips for Cowards

There are a thousand blog posts about how to give presentations when you're nervous that all basically say the same thing. You and I can both recite most of these tips right now: prepare well, practice, record yourself, take a public speaking class, "be yourself." All...

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