Whether you’re looking to squeeze more money out of your side hustle or turn it into your full-time gig, the ever-present constraint called “TIME” is surely at play.

There are meetings to lead, research projects to complete, datasets to analyze, and insights to present. Hiding inside each of those tasks are even more to-dos. For instance, there are schedules to align, presentations to create, and the list goes on and on.

Then, of course, add to that the time you must dedicate to your family, your life, and your full-time job. Before you know it, your available waking hours are few and far between.

Although we can’t offer a magic solution that suddenly gives you a 25th hour, we can offer one sure way to make the most of the time you dedicate to your side hustle: templatize.

Before you keep reading, here’s a free consulting project kick off template for you.

Templatize Your Side Hustle

Templatize Your Side Hustle

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When you templatize, you examine, document, and optimize HOW you do things:

  • How you lead meetings
  • The process of setting expectations
  • How you present findings

To optimize your meetings, for instance, you might share a draft agenda with stakeholders a week in advance. You may also use a timer and stop the meeting early for the all-important recap of action items.

Try using a calendaring app to save time (and inbox space) aligning schedules. Blocking out a day each week as a no-meeting day will give you guaranteed time to focus on your side hustle.

To optimize how you present your findings–and pitches, thought leadership content, and processes–leverage professionally designed presentation templates.

Templates Save You Time and Allow You to Do More

Templates Save You Time and Allow You to Do More

For instance, if consulting is your side hustle, you might consider a workhorse like the 2019 Consulting Bundle, which includes 135 ready-made slides to templatize how you present team members, phases of work, project risks, and different types of data. The 7 related presentation templates–compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides–include fully-editable Gantt, Kanban, and Bar charts, plus expert-driven templates for pitching, strategy, and project kickoffs.

If you regularly conduct SWOT analyses, you can templatize the process and presentation using the SWOT Analysis deck. With 22 different presentation options, any one client may never see the same SWOT slide twice.

Same goes for the prep work you put into project kickoff meetings. Use the ready-made, 13-slide Business Consulting Kickoff deck—which allows you to templatize kickoff meetings, easily editing theme colors to match your client’s brand. Shave off hours of meeting prep time by using these pre-made templates.

How to Start Templatizing

How to Save Time in your Side Hustle

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Start by templatizing your week, being sure to dedicate an hour or two to plan what you want to templatize and when. As a result, within the space of 90 days, you’ll have spent 12-24 hours optimizing your processes. This leads to time savings in multiples of what you invested.

Within the space of a year, you might even have time for something grand. El Camino de Santiago, anyone?

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