It’s that time again! Time to create quarterly reports to present performance and progress to your clients or executive team. There is work ahead: pulling data, analyzing it, and then generating insights to tell the story of the last 90 days.

That’s work you’re GOOD at. You can mold the data like play-dough, creating relevant, accessible insights from a slew of metrics. But the question remains—how do you present those findings in ways that elevate perceptions?

That’s work WE’RE good at.

You know the saying: A viewer’s perception is their reality. If a viewer is distracted by poor design or a disjointed flow, they may perceive your story as incomplete or ill prepared. In other words, your presentation is less likely to impress. But present a quarterly report deck that is dressed to impress, and the viewer may perceive the presentation—and the story you are trying to tell—more positively.

Here are three ways to ensure your presentation is perceived positively, whether it’s a digital marketing report (referenced in the slides that follow) or another type of quarterly report.

1. Quarterly Reports: Include a Dashboard-Like Overview

SlideShop Quarterly Reports Overview Slide

Whether you’re presenting to a client, a manager, or an executive team, include a dashboard-like overview slide. The overview slide quickly shows a summary of the details to come, giving viewers a clear sense of where the meeting is heading. This sets expectations and ensures your audience will stay attentive throughout the presentation.

2. Quarterly Reports: Use as Few Words as Possible

SlideShop Quarterly Report template Email Marketing Slide

When presenting at a well-attended conference, viewers should be able to “get” the meaning of a slide in just three seconds. But, when presenting to a smaller number of viewers, slides can express more data that takes more time to digest; we say 10 seconds is a good benchmark, give or take a few. Use colors and icons to speed comprehension. For instance, a red, downward pointing arrow for a reduction, and a green, upward pointing arrow for growth.

3. Quarterly Reports: Include Your Insights to Guide the Story

Quarterly Reports - Insights Slide

Whether you call them insights, observations, or findings, share your personal takeaways on slides. Consider that a viewer may look at your slides later, after the live meeting. What will you want them to take away from each slide? Include those messages on the slides as concisely as possible.

BONUS: Use a Professionally-Designed Quarterly Report Template

Creating a “dressed to impress” quarterly report presentation doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Consider using a professionally-designed, editable template specifically created for quarterly reports, like our Digital Marketing Quarterly Report.

This template is available with light and dark backgrounds to help you more easily match your company’s brand, and it comes with design tips and instructions for making those changes. The idea is to download the deck, edit it once, and then reuse it again and again to impress your audience and maintain reporting consistency for future quarterly reports.

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Digital Marketing Quarterly Report – Light

Digital Marketing Quarterly Report – Dark

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