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Would you like to share tips on how to overcome a fear of public speaking? How about tried and tested presentation-building techniques for first-time presenters? Would you like to inspire others with ways to improve their communication skills?

Then write for us!

Slideshop welcomes authors who have share-worthy experiences, insights, and tips for our regular readers, who are mostly in business, sales and marketing. Your guest post will help us inform and increase our readership – and we’ll help you in return, with $50 worth of presentation slide templates for every post we use.

Just follow the simple guidelines below:

1. We accept guest posts related to presentation building, presenting, public speaking and communication. However, we will also consider articles related to sales, marketing, and management.

2. Submitted articles must be of excellent quality – clear and concise, logically structured and with a friendly, engaging style. They should be proofread for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Guest posts must original work. Pirated or “respun” published articles aren’t acceptable. This doesn’t mean the ideas, tips and techniques you share have to be unique or original – it just means plagiarism and piracy are out. (Additionally, once we post your article, we ask that you do not republish it elsewhere.)

4. Check out a few of our past blog posts and get a feel for our preferred style. Try to echo that style while maintaining your own unique voice.

5. Ideally your post should be at least 500 words long, though there are no strict length requirements. Our objective is to provide practical, valuable information, guidance, suggestions and recommendations.


1. Send a short pitch about your article idea to russ@slideshop.com. Explain your article’s message and how it will benefit Slideshop blog readers. Include two or three samples of your previously published work – either as documents, or links. (If you’ve written for us before, be sure to remind us of that fact.) Please also include a brief “about the author” note; no more than 50 words. You may include a link to your blog or website, if you wish.

2. We’ll consider your proposal and look over your work samples. If your pitch is approved, you will receive a response with instructions on how to move forward. If we decide to pass on your pitch, we’ll still respond.

3. Draft your article (complete with any references and links) and send it as an email attachment. Please also include any images, graphics or screenshots that complement your post or illustrate or exemplify points you make.

4. We will proofread, edit, and publish your post. Occasionally we may email you with questions or requests in order to finalize the post for publication.

5. Once your post is published, we’ll send you instructions on how to claim your free slide templates.

We look forward to working with you, and sharing your good work with our readers. Happy writing!

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