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4 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Presentation Nerves

Public Speaking is widely considered as one of the most fearful and nerve-wracking things a person can do. Although some people may be naturally better public speakers, there are many things you can do to become a better public speaker yourself – anything can be learnt. Also public speaking is a very valuable skill to […]

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Review of 7 Great PowerPoint Blogs by Slideshop

So that we can offer you the best choice of resources in your PowerPoint time of need, we have taken the time to review many PowerPoint blogs and have found 7 great ones. Our number one priority is to give our readers the best quality information concerning PowerPoint, whether it is through our blog or […]

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Gaining Your Audience’s Attention and Keeping It

Death by PowerPoint is a common phenomenon and will always lead to you losing the attention of your audience. So what are good ways for you to keep your presentation from being interrupted by the sounds of people snoring? We have listed 5 ways below which should not only prevent that, but help your audience […]

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Productivity in the Office

However small or large a workplace, results are driven by productivity. Employee productivity is a major concern and low productivity cannot be fully blamed on staff. Talented employees are a hugely valuable asset for any organisation and to optimise their performance here are 5 simple ways to boost productivity and let staff deliver the results […]

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4 Things to be done before you battle your Presentation

This blog post will disclose things which you usually overlook or do not think about just before preparing your presentation. Brenda Ueland, via her book entitled “If You Want to Write” stated 4 ideas which should be kept in mind when approaching the preparation of a presentation. 1. The Big Lie “I am not creative” […]

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5 Methods to Organize your Presentation

1. Planning Analog One of the best things to do in the preparation stage is to get away from your computer. You need to see the big picture and identify the core message of your presentation, which is a difficult thing to do while having your eyes stuck to a computer screen. Instead get creative […]

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This blog discuss about why and how to prepare a presentation so that you will not wasting you and your audiences’ time.

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Personal Trust

This blog discuss the importance of personal trust and how it can affect your presentation. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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Add Story-Telling To Your Presentation

This blog discuss the effect of adding story-telling to your presentation. This can be a hugely effective way of getting peoples attention. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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Your Facial Expression When Doing a Presentation

This blog describes the features of your facial expression when doing a PowerPoint Presentation. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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