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Top 6 Tips To Deliver A Killer Presentation

Although there are so many people complaining about Death by PowerPoint, there are actually a lot of people who give good presentations. Some of them even give very good presentations. But you don’t have to stop there. Take your presentation to the next level by checking out these 6 tips on how to deliver a […]

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The 10th Power of WOW: Eliminate Audio-Visual Distractions

Annoying distractions can irritate your audience and reduce the effectiveness of your message. There are a lot of good and bad ways to enhance the message of your presentation. Try to avoid these common problems listed. Poor advance work Check the facility and equipment thoroughly before your audience arrives. Set up your equipment, then make […]

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The 9th Power of WOW: Consider Visual Aid Options

When doing a presentation you have to consider your visual aid options. These can all have a great influence on your presentation and your wow-effect. Here are the primary advantages and disadvantages of most common visual aids. Flip charts Advantages The simplicity eliminates the possibility of mechanical problems. Requires only an easel, which is available in […]

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The 8th Power of WOW: Include Photographs To Inject Realism

The more true to life you make the issue you are presenting, the better your audience will understand and identify with it. Remember the impact you can add by using photos or video of people on location, using products or talking to the audience. Insert illustrations to clarify or emphasize. If your product is complex, […]

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The 7th Power of WOW: Enhance The Impact Of Your Visuals

Here are some tips on making sure your visuals properly support your message. Use color to influence mood and emotion. The colors for type, illustrations and backgrounds influence the way they are perceived. Here is a basic guide to using color in your business presentations: Red – excitement, alert Green – growth Yellow – confidence, […]

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The 6th Power of WOW: Your Visual Aid Needs

Most presentations will be more successful with the addition of visuals. Studies show that different people rely on different senses to absorb information. Some respond better to audio, while others must see something visually before understanding it. You’ll be guaranteed to reach everyone in your audience if you present your material both ways. How important […]

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Want to master the Power of WOW in 10 weeks?

Next week we will publish the first article of 10. We call this series of posts The Power of WOW. It’s a mini-guide that will help you build the confidence to walk into a room and quickly have the audience in the palm of your hand. It covers winning techniques designed to add the “Power […]

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How To Use Edit Points In PowerPoint

This tutorial will show how to use Edit Points in PowerPoint and how to create an apple as an example. You can find a lot of different shapes and figures at SlideShop.com I hope you find the video useful. Please leave a comment if you like! Tobias Schelle, Online Director

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How to handle Backgrounds and Graphs in your PowerPoint Presentation.

Both backgrounds and graphs can play an important role and contribute the lion’s share of the final impact of a presentation. If you use a suitable background in your presentation, it can help you to communicate better, as well as making your presentation more attractive and effective. On the other hand, graphs have always been […]

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The Purpose of a PowerPoint Presentation

Written by Tobias Schelle. Follow me on Twitter Microsoft PowerPoint has become commonplace in almost company. The purpose for everyone is to communicate effectively. That is, to inform or get informed, with CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING. So what’s the purpose of a PowerPoint presentation? Create maximum impact in minimal time and persuade the audience to take […]

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