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Presentation Preps: The Morning of Your Presentation Day

The most common answers to the question, “How do you prepare for presentation day?” run along these lines: “I lock myself in my hotel room the night before, and rehearse,” or “I learn all my lines by heart the week before.” There’s no debating that preparation in the days or weeks prior to presenting is […]

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“White Space,” The Art of Emptiness

Improve the look and feel of your slides by using White. White space, also known as Negative space in design terminology, means the presence of nothingness. In PowerPoint slides, it is an area of the slide which is unoccupied or completely empty. White space does not always mean that the slide should be all in […]

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4 Things to be done before you battle your Presentation

This blog post will disclose things which you usually overlook or do not think about just before preparing your presentation. Brenda Ueland, via her book entitled “If You Want to Write” stated 4 ideas which should be kept in mind when approaching the preparation of a presentation. 1. The Big Lie “I am not creative” […]

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5 Methods to Organize your Presentation

1. Planning Analog One of the best things to do in the preparation stage is to get away from your computer. You need to see the big picture and identify the core message of your presentation, which is a difficult thing to do while having your eyes stuck to a computer screen. Instead get creative […]

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Preparation time

This blog discuss about how important time preparation is. A good preparation time can affect the impact of your presentation.

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Convincing the audience

This blog discuss about convincing the audience on your presentation and to make the audience believe what you are saying. It is all you as a person that make the impact and not the presentation or the content.

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