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How to Bring Your Presentation to the New Age

As time progresses, technology seems to increase at an impossible rate. It seems our ability to stay focused on one thing has deteriorated. Everybody has somewhere to be, something else to do, and can’t give their full attention to one thing at a time. So how do we as presenters adapt to the restless learners?

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Productivity in the Office

However small or large a workplace, results are driven by productivity. Employee productivity is a major concern and low productivity cannot be fully blamed on staff. Talented employees are a hugely valuable asset for any organisation and to optimise their performance here are 5 simple ways to boost productivity and let staff deliver the results […]

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“White Space,” The Art of Emptiness

Improve the look and feel of your slides by using White. White space, also known as Negative space in design terminology, means the presence of nothingness. In PowerPoint slides, it is an area of the slide which is unoccupied or completely empty. White space does not always mean that the slide should be all in […]

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5 Secrets For Making Eye-catching Slides

These days, you can’t simply create great presentation using a generic and obsolete style of slides. Follow these 5 secrets for making eye-catching slides for your audience which will make you stand out from 90% of presenters. These are the secrets: 1. Simplicity In a presentation, you have to remember that you are the main […]

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4 Things to be done before you battle your Presentation

This blog post will disclose things which you usually overlook or do not think about just before preparing your presentation. Brenda Ueland, via her book entitled “If You Want to Write” stated 4 ideas which should be kept in mind when approaching the preparation of a presentation. 1. The Big Lie “I am not creative” […]

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This blog discuss about why and how to prepare a presentation so that you will not wasting you and your audiences’ time.

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Personal Trust

This blog discuss the importance of personal trust and how it can affect your presentation. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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Add Story-Telling To Your Presentation

This blog discuss the effect of adding story-telling to your presentation. This can be a hugely effective way of getting peoples attention. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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Your Facial Expression When Doing a Presentation

This blog describes the features of your facial expression when doing a PowerPoint Presentation. This video was made by © Keld Jensen 2011 – www.keldjensen.com

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The 10th Power of WOW: Eliminate Audio-Visual Distractions

Annoying distractions can irritate your audience and reduce the effectiveness of your message. There are a lot of good and bad ways to enhance the message of your presentation. Try to avoid these common problems listed. Poor advance work Check the facility and equipment thoroughly before your audience arrives. Set up your equipment, then make […]

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