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10 points of better presenters

This blog discuss about 10 points why some presenters are better that other presenters. This video can help you grasp the things that you should do to be a good presenters.

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The 6th Power of WOW: Your Visual Aid Needs

Most presentations will be more successful with the addition of visuals. Studies show that different people rely on different senses to absorb information. Some respond better to audio, while others must see something visually before understanding it. You’ll be guaranteed to reach everyone in your audience if you present your material both ways. How important […]

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How to handle Backgrounds and Graphs in your PowerPoint Presentation.

Both backgrounds and graphs can play an important role and contribute the lion’s share of the final impact of a presentation. If you use a suitable background in your presentation, it can help you to communicate better, as well as making your presentation more attractive and effective. On the other hand, graphs have always been […]

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How to Make Creative PowerPoint Presentations

This post is written by Tobias Schelle. Follow me on Twitter You’re sitting at your desk, the deadline is up, you have to get your PowerPoint done. What is the first thing you do? If you’re like the majority, you’ll start “in” PowerPoint. Big mistake! The problem by starting in PowerPoint is that you think […]

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