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Convincing the audience

This blog discuss about convincing the audience on your presentation and to make the audience believe what you are saying. It is all you as a person that make the impact and not the presentation or the content.

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5 Tips to improve your presentation

There are numbers of ways improve your PowerPoint presentation, but often what people miss to mention, and something that really makes a difference, are the very basics. I would like to discuss these basic points to improve your presentation. The First Step – Effective content The first and foremost step for creating a killer presentation […]

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Prepare your presentation

When preparing a presentation many people find the creative process difficult; it takes a long time and requires a lot of resources. This is SO true. It takes time and requires resources, but it is not necessarily difficult once you know how and why preparation is so important! Ninety percent of the reasons why people […]

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Presentation Skills – How Do You Reach Everyone in the Room?

By Liz Cosline Presentations or speeches can be a wonderful experience for the person talking at the front of the audience and for the audience as wee. This is a technique usually used to get information to people and also to entertain people in some circumstances. There are many ways to do this such as […]

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