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Do’s & Don’ts of Public Speaking from Hit Songwriter Jimmy Dunne

We are thrilled to have Jimmy Dunne share his public speaking story and insights via Slideshop Stories. * * * It seems most life skills in everything under the sun is rooted back to our ‘wonder years’ of grade school, high school and college days. My residency for learning the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of public […]

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Great Presentations: Reviewing the Basics

Let’s face it: delivering any talk is often a hair-raising experience. Even many of the most experienced speakers admit that keeping cool in front of an expectant audience doesn’t always come automatically. Yet the quality of your delivery very definitely matters. A lot. If you’re flabby or disorganized, or if you just don’t manage to […]

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Presenting with Power: Modern Sales Techniques

Powerful presentations are created and delivered by people who are well prepared to present something superior. Whether presenting a project or plan, a sales proposal, or presenting themselves as valuable enough to merit a pay increase, they seem to radiate rightness. They are the right choice. Theirs is the best product, plan or proposal. They’re […]

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Two Experiential Filters Audiences Use to Evaluate Your Presentations

Guest post by Jeff Shore More textbox illustrations The purpose of a presentation is persuasion. That’s it, plain and simple. Every single presentation – whether a keynote, a sales pitch, an argument or explanation – is designed to bring others around to your way of thinking. Now, did what I just said make sense? Do […]

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Four Presentation Skills from Five Corporate Leaders: Gates, Rometty, Chambers, Nooyi, and Whitman

Guest post by Jerry Weissman Every corporate leader must possess a number of essential skills. High on the list are vision, creativity, commitment, reliability, and communication. Presentations are the most mission-critical form of the latter. More than any other form of communication—written or electronic, remote, or in-person—presentations can result in instant success or failure. Presentations […]

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You Inc – Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan

By Sonia M. Farace, MSEL – Master of Science in Executive Leadership “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie Today’s marketplace is different by far from what it was few years ago. The rapid […]

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9 Presentation Pointers to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Guest post by Mike Kamo “You can see by the chart here that, by purchasing our fantastic widgets, you are going t…” Blink. You’ve lost them. Your sales presentation is over before it started. You’ve got a poor presentation there, my friend. Well, are you ready to get a win at your next sales presentation? Sure, […]

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