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All-in-one Guide to Creating Effective Presentations

We created a SlideShare presentation about the best public speaking tips. We embedded it in this post and added the text below the deck. Get the fully editable PowerPoint file of this presentation at 50% off.

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6 YouTube Tutorial Videos to Help You Develop Advanced PowerPoint Skills

The primary reason for embarrassingly failed PowerPoint presentations – the “death by PowerPoint phenomenon,” as it is very un-affectionately known – is not the software used. It is the user. Specifically, the user who mis-uses it, or fails to take effective advantage of its features. Because we want you to be a brilliant presenter (or […]

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Alignment: The Power of a Line

You’ve thoroughly thought out your presentation’s key points, sourced some point-making illustrations and helpful icons and settled on colors and fonts, what’s next? Making sure your presentations many elements are well aligned. Best-selling author Garr Reynolds points out that all elements in your presentation are visually connected by an invisible line. When this principle of […]

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Google Slides: Slideshop Teams Up with Google’s New Presentation Web App

Google Slides is Google’s new web-based presentation software, available free to anyone with a Google account. Google Cover Slides The app has sparked a lot of interest since its debut, with more and more people discovering it and taking advantage of all it has to offer. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that, as a web […]

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Why Stock Photos Make a Presenter’s Life Easier

Keeping a stock of good quality photos on file comes in very handy when it’s time to prepare for a presentation. Many speakers use visuals to avoid using too much text, and to prevent monotony. There are even times when an image alone is enough to put a message across. As you know, images can […]

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The PowerPoint 10/20/30 Rule – Just How Applicable Is It?

Here are three questions frequently-asked when preparing a presentation: How many slides should I use? How much text should appear on each slide? How long should the presentation be Guy Kawasaki has answered these questions with his 10/20/30 PowerPoint Rule. He evangelized this idea beginning in 2005, based on his experiences as a venture capitalist. […]

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4 Tricks to Get Your Sales Presentations Used

Guest Post by Nichole Auston, Marketing Manager, RO|Innovation Whether you are in marketing or sales, chances are at some point you will have your hand in creating a sales presentation. Maybe it’s a deck intended for use during in-person presentations, or one meant to be shared after a meeting with potential customers. Regardless, thought, effort […]

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9 Presentation Pointers to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Guest post by Mike Kamo “You can see by the chart here that, by purchasing our fantastic widgets, you are going t…” Blink. You’ve lost them. Your sales presentation is over before it started. You’ve got a poor presentation there, my friend. Well, are you ready to get a win at your next sales presentation? Sure, […]

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It’s Not about You: The Top PowerPoint Presentation Goof

What is it about PowerPoint that turns intelligent and articulate people into droning robots? We’ve all been there—trapped in a deadly dull presentation where a guy in a suit is reading his PowerPoint slides aloud to the audience, bullet point by painful bullet point. If you want to avoid being “that guy,” there’s one thing—and […]

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Don’t Shoot Down Your PowerPoint Presentation – Use SmartArt

The human brain is not designed for bullet points. Let’s face it, bullet points are boring—and they’re the number-one reason that PowerPoint audiences lose interest in your presentations. A better strategy is to use compelling visual aids instead of bulleted lists. Here’s the good news: PowerPoint 2013 has a great feature called SmartArt that can […]

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