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Posted on March 13, 2017 in Slideshop News by Slideshop

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Here at Slideshop, your experience with our slide library is a top, top priority. To save you valuable time, make it easier to find what you need, and give you a far more satisfying experience overall, we’re proud and happy to announce the launch of a bright new website.

While we haven’t completed the entire “makeover” yet (for example, you’re probably reading this post in the same old blog format we’ve had for a few years), on the “business side” of the site, you can reap the benefits of the following features right now:

Focused, Clearer Structure

For a busy professional like you, our old homepage was probably somewhat distracting. There were a lot of different things clamoring for your attention: product categories, info about the site itself, a never-ending display of available presentation decks, and too much more. While this structure worked pretty well for many of our customers, we were concerned that for many more, it was too “busy,” cluttered and tough to navigate.

We structured the new design to focus on your reason for visiting: to find and download the templates you need as rapidly as possible. We simplified and reduced the number of slide categories from fifteen down to six. We kept the many subcategories for easier navigation (many users told us they liked them) – but they’re no longer cluttering up the page. Instead, they’re out of sight until you click the “View Subcategories” button.

We also created two new, useful sections: “Most Popular” and “New Products.” If you’re a returning customer, you can easily find our most-requested, most-downloaded decks – the ones you’re most likely to need. It’s also fast and easy to check out what’s new – the latest decks we’ve added, in response to current trends and user demand.

Practical, Helpful Search Features

We admit the old website’s search feature wasn’t worth bragging about. We received feedback that search results sometimes didn’t include new products you knew were there, and that sometimes it wouldn’t function at all. Not good.

In planning the site’s makeover, this was one of the top, top issues we tackled. As you can see on the new site, we made the search box far more visible on the homepage the category page – so it’s much easier to find and use.

We also upgraded the search function with an efficient keyword completion and suggestion feature.

If you use the search box on the category page, the decks displayed below are also updated as you type.

Automatic Deck Preview

With the new design, when you hover over a deck’s thumbnail image, a slideshow of all templates in that deck will automatically play. If you decide you want to download that deck (or want a closer look), just click on the thumbnail image, and you’ll be taken to that deck’s product page.

Simpler, Faster Checkout Process

We’ve designed a simple, secure, one-step payment process for downloading a product. If you’re not logged in as a member (subscriber), just enter your email address and credit card details and you’re good to go.

Fresh New Look

Of course, a big part of the site’s upgrade is its appearance! We think the new is much livelier, more pleasant to look at, and easier to navigate and use. We’ve even increased the font sizes, for a friendlier reading experience!

* * *

We hope all these new features will provide you a far better experience in browsing and using our big slide library. We’re always striving to serve you better, though – so if you have any suggestions about how we could make the site even easier and more pleasant to use, don’t hesitate to write and tell us!

Explore our website’s new product section now, and let us know what you think about it. We’d love to hear your about your experience in the comments, down below.

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