Top 7 PowerPoint Decks of the Past Year

Posted on February 28, 2017 in Slideshop News by Slideshop

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How’s your 2017 going?

Here at Slideshop, we’re working hard, carrying out new plans we set in motion at the start of the new year. One of the biggest is a series of major upgrades in the “user experience” on our website,

Another is designing more of the kinds of slides our users ask for and download the most. We’ve listed the top seven on that list, down below.

If there are any on the list you haven’t seen yet, we invite you to take a look, because you may very well want to add them to your own library.

SWOT Analysis

Considering that SWOT Analysis is such a classic business tool, it’s not surprising that our animated SWOT Analysis deck was a huge hit last year. The fresh, harmonious colors of the slide elements, set against a dark background, are easy on the eyes. The slide layouts and transitions suggest continuity, making it easier for the audience to follow the discussion.

Vision and Mission

Next in line is another animated deck, used to explain an organization’s vision, mission and plans – essential components of many presentations such as business pitches, employee orientation, or company introduction. Apart from the deck’s practicality, the color theme was a winner, too: monochromatic turquoise colors complementing different shades of blue-gray.

Coaching for Performance

The Coaching for Performance presentation outlined by Robin Hills of Ei4Change ranked third last year. Mr. Hills was one of the seasoned public speakers who participated in our “By Experts” campaign: we asked experts to send us a copy of one of their successful presentations, then we adapted their content so they’d be useful to a wide range of users, and then gave them simple, easily-customized designs.

Project Status

More and more project managers want to spice up their presentations, as evidenced by the fourth-most-downloaded deck of 2016: Project Status. The deck includes templates for discussing a project’s progress, schedule, milestones, resources and more. Accented with a subtle pattern, the dark background adds emphasis to the presenter’s key points. This deck also features icons, graphs and diagrams your audience will love.

3D Diagram

Using different color themes, we produced three decks of 3D diagrams last year. The best-loved featured multi-colored diagrams on white backgrounds. All three sets include familiar, useful charts and graphs: cycles, hierarchies and pie charts, to name a few. And because they are three-dimensional, they can transform less-than-exciting info into fun, easily digestible visuals.

Product Roadmap

Many business owners anticipating product growth have discovered our sixth-most-popular deck: Product Roadmap. It starts with a business goal review, and goes on to include priority setting and a product tree. Its purple color scheme projects the speaker’s wisdom and the value of what’s being presented – while also eliciting a sense of calm among the viewers.

Sales Pitch

There’s no doubt about it: a good sales pitch presentation is critical when future revenue is at stake. Fortunately, presenters have recognized that effective visuals can help drive their message home. So, it’s no wonder this deck made it to the Top Seven. With the striking color combination of black and orange, these pro-quality slides command attention, without being too overpowering or flashy.

Have you checked out the newest additions to our slide library lately? Have a look at the latest, right here. And remember: If you have any template design requests, please let us know in the comments, or send your suggestions to

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