Five Holiday Meeting Ideas for Your Team

Posted on December 9, 2016 in Public Speaking by Slideshop

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Facilitating a meeting this season? Ho-ho-ho, we’ve got a few ideas for making it more effective, and more memorable for everyone.


Decorate your meeting room

Decorate your conference room to create a jolly atmosphere. Whether you opt for DIY decorations or prefer to grab some ready-made items from a shop or online, dressing up the meeting space helps put attendees in a brighter mood. If your creative juices are flowing, cheers – but if you need some help and inspiration, Pinterest can be your best buddy.

Pre-meeting holiday music helps set the tone

Get to the conference room early – ideally before any of the other attendees arrive – and use your smartphone, laptop, a portable music device and/or the room’s built-in A/V system to play some holiday songs. Let the cheerful music greet the attendees as they enter and prepare for the meeting’s start. Hopefully this will set a cheerful and cooperative mood, to make the meeting smoother and more productive for the whole team.

Give presentations a holiday flavor

If you’ll be using slides in your meeting, include holiday elements in your slide designs. Holiday-themed images, fonts and media are part of it. When it comes to your color palette, include green, red and white, or whatever colors are most appropriate to holiday traditions in your area.

Here are a few links to free slide-design resources you may find helpful:

Surprise your attendees

This is the traditional season of giving, so if you’re feeling generous, come prepared to hand out appropriate giveaways at the end of the meeting. These needn’t be lavish – it’s the gesture that counts. A quick online search will turn up plenty of ideas for tasteful, appropriate and inexpensive gifts to express your good wishes and appreciation.

Open up with a holiday-themed icebreaker

Ease tensions, spark conversation and set a cheerful tone with a holiday-related icebreaker. Pick one that suits participants’ age, closeness as a group, and personal interests – but try to keep it relevant to the purpose of the meeting, too! Check the following links for holiday icebreaker ideas: Small Groups, Icebreaker Ideas and eHow.

Serve holiday snacks

If you plan to serve snacks during your meeting, choose foods that are holiday traditions in your area. Whether it’s gingerbread, cut-out cookies, fruitcake, holiday-decorated cupcakes or traditional holiday beverages, colorful and tasty refreshments can help set the mood you’re after.

What other ideas do you have for adding holiday cheer to this month’s meetings? Share them with us in the comments below!

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