Four Short Talks on Gratitude You’ll be Thankful For

Posted on November 7, 2016 in Public Speaking, Slide Content by Slideshop

Each of us faces struggles at one time or another. Illnesses, disabilities, financial troubles, rocky relationships, failures, losses – the list is sadly long. Even in the face of such troubles, there is one almost magical thing that can always lighten our burdens and make life sweeter: gratitude.

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, we’ve collected four short talks we think will inspire you to celebrate the holiday with greater peace and happiness.

Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar shares a story about a woman who hated her job. He suggested a way she might be able to improve her situation. It didn’t seem like it would solve anything at all, and practically impossible to do. But she did it…and it worked. Learn about Zig’s surprisingly simple remedy for “stinking thinking.”

“Have you ever noticed that when somebody is about to lose something they’ve been complaining about – whether it’s a car, a home, a mate, a job or whatever – when all of a sudden it appears they’re gonna lose the thing, it takes on brand-new value?” ~ Zig Ziglar

How a Penny Made Me Feel Like a Millionaire

In this inspiring TED talk, Tania Luna shares bittersweet memories of her childhood. She fondly recalls how the power of gratitude has pulled her through her toughest times and turned despair to happiness again and again.

“Sometimes Brian and I walk through the park with Scarlett (her pet dog), and she rolls through the grass, and we just look at her and then we look at each other and we feel gratitude. We forget about all of our new middle-class frustrations and disappointments, and we feel like millionaires.” ~ Tania Luna

365 Days of Thank You

A near-fatal road accident nearly cost Brian Doyle his life – but it opened the door to a new viewpoint on living and relationships. Hear about the fascinating social experiment Brian’s experience inspired, and the remarkable changes it produced.

“People don’t know we appreciate them unless we show it, unless we verbalize it. We hope they do, we think that they know, we assume that they know, but they honestly just don’t, unless we tell them.” – Brian Doyle

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

In her video blog, London-based yoga teacher Annie Clarke offers a simple daily practice to tap into the positive power of gratitude – and her ideas about why it works to elevate your outlook and bolster your resilience.

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about acknowledging the positive impact that things have on your life. And shifting the way you think in that direction, too.” ~ Annie Clarke

As you celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year or not (or even if you don’t happen to be celebrating it!)  we hope your life will be filled with many wonderful things to be thankful for. We’re grateful for you, and wish you all the best in this season and beyond!

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