Infographic: The Gantt Chart’s History, Anatomy, and Benefits

Posted on September 18, 2016 in Slide Content by Slideshop

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The Gantt chart has become a standard tool for organizers and managers across the world. With good reason: it’s a highly effective way to visualize, plan, coordinate and manage multi-faceted projects and processes. It brings together a project’s tasks, who’s responsible for each, when each should start and when it should finish in order for the whole project to run smoothly to a successful conclusion. Of course, projects rarely go exactly according to plan, but even when things go off the rails, the Gantt chart makes it far easier to set things right again, and still pull off a happy conclusion.

The infographic below, from the popular website Wrike, tracks the Gantt chart’s history, and highlights its features and benefits.

What is a Gantt Chart


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