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Public Speaking Anxiety: Talk Yourself Out of It

When you feel anxious before your speech, there’s a simple trick that can bring some welcome relief: constructive self-talk. Instead of fretting over worst-case fears, or just trying to “gut it out” and ignore the horrible anxious nerves, try talking yourself down with the phrases below. They’ve been proven to help restore focus, mend confidence […]

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Infographic: The Gantt Chart’s History, Anatomy, and Benefits

The Gantt chart has become a standard tool for organizers and managers across the world. With good reason: it’s a highly effective way to visualize, plan, coordinate and manage multi-faceted projects and processes. It brings together a project’s tasks, who’s responsible for each, when each should start and when it should finish in order for […]

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What’s in Your Presenter’s Kit?

Apart from presentation props, what should you bring to a presentation engagement? Here’s a list of items to include in your presenter’s kit. Bring them along and you’ll be prepared to recover from unexpected issues that can crop up on presentation day. Laptop and vital accessories Even if you’re invited to use a computer at […]

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5 Product Demo Tips That Get the Job Done

  Have you ever bought a tool after a sales person showed how many ways it could be used? Have you ever ordered a kitchen utensil after seeing a chef use it in an infomercial? Have you ever signed up for a free app trial after a representative explained how it worked and what it […]

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