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The Power of Curiosity: 5 Speeches to Make You Marvel

Remember that stage as you were growing up, when “why?” was what you asked the most? Everything around you was fascinating, from the commonest of objects and people’s behaviors, to the color of the sky and animals’ sounds. But as the years go on, that wondering inquisitiveness fades, for most of us. To reawaken your […]

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Speechwriting Tip: Be Clear and Concise

If there’s one thing Twitter has taught us, it’s how powerful conciseness and clarity can be. A 140-character tweet cuts out the unnecessary, redundant, and flowery words, encouraging tweeters to send straight, strong messages to their networks. When writing a speech, remember Twitter’s implied advice to all its users: be clear and concise.  There’s some […]

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4 Habits to Make You a Word-Smarter Speaker

Words matter. Though it’s true that a picture can be worth a thousand words, we still rely upon words to carry the complete message and the full story. They capture the narrative, clarify the abstract, conceptualize the unseen. When Chris Burkard gave a TED talk in 2015, he showed the audience jaw-dropping photos and videos of […]

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How to Present Statistics that Make Sense 

Including well-researched statistics in a presentation adds to its credibility. When you add numbers from a reliable source, your statements or arguments come across as being more valid, objective and reasonable. While numbers can create a favorable impression, be careful to use them correctly, or they may bore or confuse your audience. The human brain […]

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