How to Write Content for Slideshare Presentations

Posted on April 3, 2016 in Slide Content by Slideshop

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Slideshare’s potential contribution to your business isn’t a secret anymore. With 18 million uploads in a wide variety of content categories, this presentation platform has made a big name for itself in the world of digital marketing. In fact, it’s currently among the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.

Success on this platform requires time and effort, not only in slide design but also in content preparation. At first, writing Slideshares may seem challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the process.

Point #1: Goals

Before you develop a Slideshare presentation, you need to establish your end goals for the activity. Beginning with a firm purpose and objective in mind guides you in picking the right topic, presentation content, and audience. It also helps you frame your call to action (CTA) effectively.

Marketers most often use Slideshare for one or more of these purposes:

  • information dissemination
  • email list building
  • website traffic generation
  • book launching
  • branding
  • service or product introduction
  • internet marketing
  • improved sales

Let’s analyze a presentation posted by Drift, a company that offers live chat software. As you’d expect, Drift’s software is meant to help businesses retain existing customers, and to generate new leads. In other words, it offers a great opportunity for product marketing, which somewhat explains their purpose for publishing the presentation below.

If you go through the presentation, you’ll discover that on slides 10 and 28, they’ve included clickable links that direct you to their newsletter subscription page. This gives you an idea of their goal: to build a list of marketers, sales people, and entrepreneurs – the target market of their business.

Point #2: Conciseness

Writing presentations is far different from writing articles. You’re limited to no more than a few points per slide (preferably just one!), so being concise is absolutely crucial. If you’ve tried to condense your message but still end up with a long paragraph, you might want to consider breaking it into a few slides. When it comes to presentations—whether for conferences or for Slideshare—squeezing too much text into a single slide is a major offense. It destroys readability, design, and comprehensibility.

Rand Fishkin, co-founder of, published the presentation above in 2014. In a little less than two years, it has garnered more than two million views and almost two thousand likes. It’s a given that a Slideshare from such a reputable tech entrepreneur will be popular, but reaching a number as high as this is truly exceptional. Now you must be wondering how it achieved this level of success. Well, you can factor in conciseness. The presentation’s brevity, along with its highly relevant graphic elements, make this deck exceptionally easy and engaging to view and absorb.

Point #3: Credibility

You can develop any type of content for Slideshare you wish, but if you want to optimize your presentation’s credibility, be sure to include plenty of verified, relevant facts. When you make a point, or share a tip, technique or new idea, support it with hard numbers from a reputable study, research report or survey. If you want to illustrate a concept, incorporate case studies and scientific observations. It’s easy to refute a statement, unless it’s well backed with facts and figures from reliable and trusted websites, publications or organizations.

When we created the 3D printing presentation above, we wanted our readers to appreciate this incredible, rapidly-advancing technology. The concept is not new, but many, many people haven’t ever even seen a 3D printer – much less used one.  So we searched for examples of practical, easily-conceptualized applications for 3D printing.

Over to You

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