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5 Tools for Choosing a Presentation Color Theme

Picking a color palette for your presentation is an important step in slide design. Colors can help evoke emotions in your audience, and heighten your message’s impact, too. It’s important to use a consistent color scheme throughout the presentation. The trick is deciding on what that scheme should be! Presenters who don’t have a background […]

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How to Give an Impromptu Speech that Sounds Polished

You never know when you might be asked – quite unexpectedly – to get up and give a talk about some subject. It might happen at a meeting or event, when a featured speaker is late arriving; someone has to fill in the time, and you’re chosen! Or, at a colleague’s farewell party, you might […]

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Um…Filler Words Can Hurt Your Credibility as a Presenter

In 2008, Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, expressed her interest in replacing Hilary Clinton as a U.S. Senator from New York. In a televised interview, she explained to cable channel New York One why communication skills are crucial to being an effective legislator. Yet in the space of their 30-minute […]

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