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Facilitating a Get-Acquainted Activity  

Have you ever had to suffer through a get-acquainted meeting that went badly? You know the kind – people are embarrassed, stage-frightened, or just plain unwilling to open up. It’s a waste of time (or worse), and an embarrassment for everyone involved. If you’re ever called upon to facilitate a get-acquainted activity, here are some […]

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4 Tricks for Avoiding Death by Info Overload

When speakers are asked to talk on a particular topic, some tend to believe that the more information they share, the better. There’s a too-common notion that sharing everything you know will help the audience considerably improve their personal or professional lives – and that the more you tell, the greater your credibility. And so […]

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Great Presentations: Reviewing the Basics

Let’s face it: delivering any talk is often a hair-raising experience. Even many of the most experienced speakers admit that keeping cool in front of an expectant audience doesn’t always come automatically. Yet the quality of your delivery very definitely matters. A lot. If you’re flabby or disorganized, or if you just don’t manage to […]

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Effective Presenting by the Numbers

As a conscientious presenter, it’s likely you’re always on the lookout for useful tips and tricks to boost your presentation skills and success. In our last blog post, we listed several acronyms and abbreviations to help you in that regard. Now we’ve got some new tips for you; this time they’re oriented around numbers, rather […]

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