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FYI, Abbreviations and Acronyms Are Fair Game in Public Speaking

When it comes to communication, abbreviations and acronyms are great time and space savers. As long as you’re sure your audience is familiar with them, “ASAP” is clearly much quicker than “as soon as possible.” “ETA” is far easier than “estimated time of arrival” and BYOB gets the job done more efficiently than “bring your […]

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The Face of Minimalism in Presentation Design

You’ve probably heard about the concept of minimalism, and perhaps you love it. You surely wouldn’t be alone if you did! When you need to dig through the Internet for specific information, which search engine do you use? Chances are very high that you use Google. Google’s homepage is a model of minimalist simplicity: a […]

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Should You Hire a Speechwriter?

You ordinarily see a speaker on stage for just a short time – but in most cases, an enormous amount of effort has gone into preparing for that brief performance. There’s content to write, facts, figures and references to gather, media and visual aids to design and set up … and then comes all the […]

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