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Presenting with Power: Modern Sales Techniques

Powerful presentations are created and delivered by people who are well prepared to present something superior. Whether presenting a project or plan, a sales proposal, or presenting themselves as valuable enough to merit a pay increase, they seem to radiate rightness. They are the right choice. Theirs is the best product, plan or proposal. They’re […]

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Public Speaking Can Help You Land a Job  

It’s a given that public speaking skill is important in almost any job. Whether you have to facilitate a meeting, present a business report, brief colleagues on a new project, or simply carry on a dialogue with your boss or a teammate, being able to speak comfortably and effectively can be priceless. But what if […]

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Teaching Public Speaking: Trying Different Presentation Formats

If you’re tasked with training others to be effective speakers or presenters, you know you’re going to have to give them real-world experience. No amount of theoretical study is going to produce an acceptable result. Nor will watching others perform. One way or another, your trainees are going to have to “get their hands dirty,” […]

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15 Most Popular Slide Decks of 2015

2015 has been a wonderful journey for us at Slideshop. This year we’ve gathered more royalty-free stock photos, designed more Google-Slides-style slide templates, and created more themed slides than ever – all to help you succeed at public speaking and presentations. As the year is about to end, let’s take a quick look at the […]

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