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Public Speaking Tips for Kids: Raising a Confident Speaker

It’s no secret that for many of us, the very thought of speaking in public arouses knee-trembling, irrational fears. Some have suggested that the “nurture factor” may, at least to some degree, lie behind such fears. It does seem sensible that anxieties about public speaking might trace back to the way those close to you […]

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Advent Calendar for PowerPoint Users

Last year, we collaborated with to create 24 PowerPoint-related questions, then put them together into an Advent calendar, in a downloadable Microsoft Excel file. With this unique little calendar, presenters, public speakers, presentation designers, and MS Office users can challenge themselves and their colleagues on their knowledge of original and most popular presentation software. […]

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New PowerPoint 2016 Features Can Add More Life to Your Slides

Microsoft has officially launched two new PowerPoint 2016 design features that will raise your presentations to a new level of sophistication – in just a few seconds. These intelligent tools, called Designer and Morph, can go a long way toward making your slides more dynamic and engaging. How Morph and Designer Work

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The Keynote Speaker Who Delivers a Memorable Speech

When organizing an important conference, one of your key responsibilities is often choosing the right keynote speaker. The keynote speech sets the tone for the event, so it’s critical that you pick someone who can truly deliver – that is, someone who will orient your attendees to the conference’s goals and motivate them to participate […]

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All-in-one Guide to Creating Effective Presentations

We created a SlideShare presentation about the best public speaking tips. We embedded it in this post and added the text below the deck. Get the fully editable PowerPoint file of this presentation at 50% off.

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Motivational Speaking: Could It Be Your Calling?

When you feel down, lost, or disenchanted, an effective motivational speaker can help give you a brighter perspective and even set your life on a new course. This isn’t new news or a grand revelation. It’s what a motivational speaker is supposed to do. Now here’s a thought that may be new: have you ever […]

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