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Closing a Presentation: Go Out with a Bang

Have you noticed that fireworks shows always end with a big, booming grand finale? When you’re at a big concert, can’t you just feel the crowd’s anticipation of the big closing number? When you were a kid (and perhaps even now), didn’t you delight at the promise of a sumptuous dessert after you’d finished the […]

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Pause: Be Comfortable with Silence When Presenting

Some people assume that if they stop talking during a presentation, the audience will instantly assume they’re nervous, underprepared, or at a loss for what to say next. They feel that “silence is deafening,” you might say, and strive to keep the words coming in a steady stream, no matter what. This is too bad. […]

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The Three P’s of Hiring a Presentation Design Agency

When it comes to presentation skills, all presenters are not created equal. Some are great speakers, others have a tough time up in front of an audience. Some build beautiful presentation decks that really impress audiences, while others just don’t seem to have very good design sense or slide-creating skills. Although there isn’t a lot […]

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Google Launches Six New Features to Rocket Your Productivity

Just in time for the new school year, Google has begun rolling out six super-practical new features for its Google Drive and Google Classroom apps. These innovations, now available for Android and desktop users, are more evidence of Google’s commitment to making productivity easier — for students, educators, and all Google users.

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