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Humor: The Vitamin E of Public Speaking

What qualities put a public speaker or presenter at an advantage when stepping up in front of an audience? Well, there are several you could name, but one of the most important is a good sense of humor. You might even call a sense of humor “The presenter’s vitamin E.” Why? Because when you’ve got […]

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Alignment: The Power of a Line

You’ve thoroughly thought out your presentation’s key points, sourced some point-making illustrations and helpful icons and settled on colors and fonts, what’s next? Making sure your presentations many elements are well aligned. Best-selling author Garr Reynolds points out that all elements in your presentation are visually connected by an invisible line. When this principle of […]

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Impostor Syndrome: Why It Can Hurt Your Presentation

A seminar organizer approaches and asks you to give a talk about leadership. You’ve been a manager at a prestigious tech company for five years, and have received accolades for your outstanding performance. Your know-how, personable character and wisdom have earned you considerable respect in the industry. In a nutshell, you’re highly qualified as a […]

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