The Only Secret to Getting Featured on SlideShare

Posted on December 4, 2014 in The Key to Make a Successful Presentation, Tips & Tricks by Slideshop

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With more than 50 million unique visitors each month, SlideShare has become a popular repository of content-rich presentations, available for all members to use. As of May 2013, 10 million presentations had been uploaded to the platform – a clear indicator that people do go to the website to read and be read.

If you’re an internet marketer, you can’t afford to let numbers like these go unnoticed. Where there’s crowd, there are endless opportunities to get traffic, increase your fan base, get email subscribers, and most of all, build your brand. But how exactly do you take advantage of SlideShare as a marketer? Here’s one secret: Post an amazing presentation.

Recently Slideshop has had the good fortune of having some of our presentations handpicked by SlideShare editors, to be featured on their site. We consider this quite a nice success, and we’d like to share what we think is the secret to that success – so you can get your good work featured, too.

What Makes a Good Topic?

A good topic has one or more of the following characteristics:

Timely – Trending topics always get attention. We created this presentation about ebola at a time when many, people were searching for information about this deadly disease. Result? It got featured.

Useful – We wanted to create something relevant and inspiring for marketers and salespeople, so we built a presentation listing successful marketing campaigns. Result? It got featured.

Interesting – We thought we’d create something light, but interesting to most everyone, so we came up with this presentation of fascinating facts about bugs. Result? It got featured.

Work Out Your Content Carefully

Once you’ve chosen a topic for your shared deck, work out the content as carefully as if you were preparing for an actual business presentation. But here’s the trick: Write the content in such a way that readers will understand your message even though you won’t be physically present to tell them the key points. Does this mean you can load up your slides with more text? Not at all – that’s one of the major “don’ts” of PowerPoint presenting. You just have to find a way to simplify your information and make the best possible use of visuals, all while keeping text to a minimum.

Design Works in Mysterious Ways

Content may be the most important aspect of a presentation, but you need superior designs to attract and engage viewers. A high-impact cover slide that will pull viewers in is a must. It should be so striking that viewers (and the SlideShare editors!) will definitely want to click on your presentation so they can find out the rest of the story. Remember that design and content go hand in hand. One is crippled without the other.

One Slide for the Call-to-Action

Reserve one slide – preferably the last one in your deck – for your call-to-action. If you are making an offer or advertising a product, customize your CTA text to fit in well with the presentation content. Otherwise, add a link to your website and/or social channels, where readers can explore your products or services. Remember that the ultimate goal should be to convert views into leads.

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