The 30 Most Important Minutes in Your Life as an Educator

Posted on November 5, 2014 in Tips & Tricks by Slideshop

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As an educator, you are a source of information and a learning facilitator. You design your curriculum, plan your lessons, and continuously work to perfect your delivery style and improve your performance in the classroom. You may also be expected to conduct research, contribute to policy formulation, and perform other services for your institution.

If you’ve been in the academic world for very long, you most likely understand that a teacher can never stop learning. You have to embrace each new challenge as an opportunity for growth, for the sake of your students, fellow teachers, and school. The moment you say, “I’m too good (or too old, etc.) to learn more” is the moment your effectiveness begins to decline.

To help you in expanding and sharpening your skills as an educator, we’d like to share three inspiring TED talks. We encourage you to set aside about 30 minutes to watch them – the speakers offer practical advice and healthy doses of inspiration. And these just might prove to be the 30 most important minutes of your life as an educator.

3 Rules to Spark Learning

Ramsey Musallam, a chemistry teacher, learned three lesson-planning rules out of some practical wisdom shared by his vascular surgeon. For example, he concluded that the educator’s primary role is to stir students’ curiosity.

Teach Teachers How to Create Magic

Christopher Emdin, an education pioneer, believes teachers need magic to enliven their classes. This magic can be best learned, he maintains, by watching rap concerts, attending religious services, hanging out at the barbershop, or simply being in the spaces of others who powerfully connect and engage.

Teachers Need Real Feedback

For Bill Gates, giving teachers merely “satisfactory” feedback isn’t enough to really help them improve their performance. He describes a feedback system that benefits the educators, the students, and the society as well.

Do you know of other talks that can inspire educators? Let us know in the comments below.

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