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Posted on October 31, 2014 in Slideshop News by Slideshop

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The long wait is over. We are finally announcing our Halloween Contest winner today!

Halloween Facebook Contest

Using a third-party app, our randomly-picked winner is Joe Pertl, and here is the winning suggestion:

Building a presentation pack that includes navigation elements from initial primary screens that can take you to multiple topics and then slides within each topic. In essence a one-stop-shop for your business that means you don’t have to stick to the normal linear PPT progression. So, you could use the same pack for different audiences/customers and change which slides are presented each time. This is because you can navigate wherever you like within the pack from buttons that are interlinked to other slides and content. Think of it like a phone switchboard network where calls can be transferred up, down, across, backwards and forwards anywhere someone needs to go in an organisation without having to hang up.

Congratulations, Joe! Please send an email to and we’ll reply with instructions for claiming your 3-month FREE membership with Slideshop, worth $299!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions

We’d like to warmly thank everyone who participated in the contest. It has been a real pleasure reading your suggestions. They were all awesome! In fact, some of the suggestions were so good that we’re now considering turning them into new releases over the next few months:

  • Financial indicators
  • Flat design on timeline navigation
  • ROI dashboards
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Organizational change management
  • Valuation pack
  • Women in business
  • Quality comparisons and improvement slides
  • Big data, its impact and leverage in others areas such marketing, social recruiting, CRM, etc.
  • Daily motivational slides for young students that foster positive attitude
  • 3D atom physics & neuronal themes
  • Ignite presentations
  • Slides for quotes (from experts and other references) with a footnote placeholder at the bottom
  • Quiz and game slides for students
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)
  • Road maps and blueprints
  • Semi- transparent sketch of people and animals showing internal organs in animated form

We do appreciate all your suggestions, and we’ll try to implement them all, eventually.

Once again, thank you! And we’re counting on your participation in our next Facebook contest.

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