Speech Ideas – Where to Find Them?

Posted on October 25, 2014 in Public Speaking, Tips & Tricks by Slideshop

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Speech ideas

Have you ever been invited to give a speech, but felt you had nothing important to talk about? Have you found yourself clueless about how to structure a speech because you’re uncertain about its content? Are you having difficulty coming up with facts, stories or jokes that will interest your audience?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re in a big trouble. As emphasized in many blogs about presenting, including ours, content is the most important element of your speech. If your content isn’t good, you will certainly lose your credibility as a speaker.

Fortunately, with technology dominating the scene these days, looking for speech ideas has become easier than ever. Here are some tips for tracking down good presentation material:

What’s trending?

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have established algorithms for identifying the most-searched topics over a particular period. These trending topics can come in handy if you want  to cite a current event or hot issue, to illustrate a key point. Trending topics are also a good source of inspiration for ad-libs and jokes.

What has gone viral?

The number of social media users has grown rapidly over the years. Facebook alone had 1.32 billion active users as of June 2014, according to Wikipedia. Emarketer says the number of social media users will reach 2.55 billion by 2017.

This means that staggering numbers of likes, comments, emotions, ideas and interests have been shared in personal and professional networks. That’s why your search for interesting speech ideas doesn’t have to end in knowing what’s trending. You also have to dig the details by knowing which article, status, or video has gone viral. You easily identify them by checking feeds, news, and blogs that feature viral updates. Read the comments, too, if necessary. At times, the most interesting part is in people’s interaction or reaction.

What’s being asked?

Quora, Reddit and StackExchange are just three of the many websites people visit if they want to through out a question, looking for public response. The threads that are viewed or followed by many people can be good source of presentation ideas. .

There are also websites that serve as forums for specific niches. These can also be rich sources of ideas, in any area from — from software development to snowboarding, from sales to sand dune racing.

Who are the emerging influencers?

People have always been high-interest presentation topics. It doesn’t take much of a search to find plenty of information on interesting and influential people, in almost any field. Wikipedia is often the go-to platform for such information, but there are always the “About Us” page of personal blogs and company websites, too. Learn how people have come with up with startup ideas, struggled at advocacy to their last breaths, or overcome major hurdles in life and the business world. There’s no shortage of relevant, fascinating and inspiring stories.

Though the web puts an abundance of presentation ideas in easy reach, it’s important to remember that not everything you find there is accurate. It is your responsibility as a presenter to validate any information you use in a speech.

Finally, don’t pick a topic just because it happens to be popular. You still have to answer the basic questions: “What topic will be valuable to my audience, and how will I present it to maximize that value?”

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