8 Signs That Your Presentation Will Blow Your Audience Away

Posted on October 8, 2014 in Audience Contact, Public Speaking, Slide Content, The Key to Make a Successful Presentation by Slideshop

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All serious presenters have one goal—to create an impact on the audience.  If you’re invited to present and you want to leave a positive impression, keep these 8 key points in mind as you build your presentation. Here they are—the 8 signs that your presentation will blow your audience away:

#1: You share relevant and unique information

The content-is-king internet marketing meme is also applicable to presentations. Without appealing content, your presentation isn’t going to catch and hold audience attention. Quality content breeds credibility, which heightens impact and persuasive power. Know your audience beforehand. It will give you ideas on what will keep them awake, alert and attentive.

#2: You follow an easy-to-grasp structure

Content is useless if not presented with a sound structure. Before you design your PowerPoint slides, grab a pen and a piece of paper and create an outline for your presentation. The other elements – visuals, body movement, etc. – should be dependent on the flow you envision, not the other way around.

#3: You keep length under control

So many factors have to be considered before you can determine the ideal length for your talk. You think through your topic, the attention span of the audience and the available time. As a presenter, you need to ensure that despite the length, you get your main points across to your listeners. If you really must speak for a long time, break your talk into several sections. At the end of each section, summarize your key points to keep your audience with you.

#4: You use a viewer-friendly PowerPoint design

The PowerPoint design is the icing on the cake. If you take away the design, the cake is still edible, but less appealing. While it’s true that the design isn’t as important as you and your message, it’s not wise to show up with a poorly-crafted presentation, especially if you’re marketing a brand. The design you choose also points to your professionalism.

#5: You integrate colors and brand

They don’t have to include your logo in every presentation slide. It can distract the audience from focusing on your important points. However, you can still forward your brand by playing with colors. Choose a color palette that represents your company or forwards your message.

#6: You add relevant illustrations or images

It’s a given that we should not use images that are unrelated to the presentation. But which ones should we use? Are stock photos good enough? According to a study conducted by Corporate Visions and Zakary Tormala, a Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, the most effective illustrations are whiteboard visuals – pictures that any person can draw with a whiteboard marker.

#7: You use a readable type style, size and color

Visibility is the main thing to consider when deciding on typeface and font size. Each person in the room should be able to read your text without any difficulty. It’s clever to choose a main font for the body of your presentation and another for the title and/or subtitles. The font colors should contrast with the background color. Choose one color for the main text, another for the title and another for links or special words.

#8: You dress appropriately

University of Hertfordshire professor Karen Pine found in her study that clothes affect people’s confidence. Clothes don’t just influence other people’s impression of you; they affect your mental processes as well. So take the spotlight with a confidence-boosting outfit, with everything clean, fresh and well-groomed.

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