4 Ways to Present a Process Diagram in a PowerPoint Presentation

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Slide Content, Slide Design, Tips & Tricks by Slideshop

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Successful presenters know one thing for certain: Including too many words or images in a PowerPoint slide just doesn’t work. It confuses the audience, which leads to inattention and boredom. When you need to present a complicated process, you need to introduce it simply and comprehensibly, in a logical sequence of easily-grasped steps. Here are four common and effective ways of doing this:


Economic growth analogy

An analogy can be especially useful when you want to introduce a process that is unfamiliar to the audience. Instead of explaining a totally new concept, you can simply relate it to a similar situation or process, which you’re certain your audience WILL find familiar. Choose an analogy that is timely, interesting and personal for your audience. It should also resonate emotionally and mentally for a more striking and memorable effect.


SmartArt is a built-in PowerPoint feature used for visual illustration of information. This component has pre-designed graphics to choose from, including process diagrams. You can choose the figure that appropriately represents your information, edit its colors to boost your message, and add special touches. The end result is a simplified visual depiction of the process you want to tackle during your talk.

Customized Illustrations


Instead of text, you can sometimes use icons or images to represent process stages. Illustrations significantly help your audience understand the gist of your message, without the need for long explanations. However, make sure you choose only suitable illustrations that forward your messages; otherwise you will just clutter the slide and leave the audience puzzled.

Slide Decks

Slideshop provides pre-designed slides that can help you design and construct your presentation. If you lack time to tap into your creative juices, you can purchase a deck of slide templates from us and take it from there. Such template decks are ordinarily editable, so you still have control over the most important elements of your presentation. Further, we are well aware of the needs of speakers and presenters — so we create slide decks from your point of view.

Process Diagram Slides

Check the creatively designed decks of process diagrams from the world’s leading PowerPoint slide provider, and let us know how you’re able to put them to work for you, in creating memorable presentations.

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