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3 Self-Confidence Tips from Bestseller Books

Self-confidence, as a psychological construct, has been described as an attitude characterized by positive yet realistic views of oneself and one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Self-confident people go far in their careers because they trust their own abilities, take courage from their strong sense of personal potential, and believe that — within reason or even […]

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4 Ways to Present a Process Diagram in a PowerPoint Presentation

Successful presenters know one thing for certain: Including too many words or images in a PowerPoint slide just doesn’t work. It confuses the audience, which leads to inattention and boredom. When you need to present a complicated process, you need to introduce it simply and comprehensibly, in a logical sequence of easily-grasped steps. Here are […]

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Tips for a Better LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great tool. Whether you’re a self-employed consultant or employed in a larger organization, LinkedIn can greatly improve your working life. As a self-employed consultant, LinkedIn will get you noticed by people who need your services if you do it right. This can directly drive business your way. In this case you will […]

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3 Frameworks for Analyzing Business Cases in the Consulting Industry

Once you’ve chosen to embark on a management consulting career, you can naturally expect pressure to resolve numerous business cases. In order to analyze a case in a logical manner, consultants use applicable frameworks. A framework enables you to analyze a problem from different perspectives, and come up with an in-depth evaluation and generate effective and […]

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Facebook Contest – Halloween Treat You’ll Love in a Heartbeat

What slide deck would you like us to design? Just answer this question in the comment box of this Facebook post and get a chance to win a 3-month free membership on Slideshop worth $299! The contest will run from September 11 to October 30, 2014, CET. The randomly-picked winner will receive our grand Halloween […]

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