4 Tricks to Get Your Sales Presentations Used

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Guest Post by Nichole Auston, Marketing Manager, RO|Innovation


Whether you are in marketing or sales, chances are at some point you will have your hand in creating a sales presentation. Maybe it’s a deck intended for use during in-person presentations, or one meant to be shared after a meeting with potential customers. Regardless, thought, effort and resources must be put into creating that asset.

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste…especially if the presentation wins your customers over! Share and duplicate your success with others on your team and actually get your sales presentations used and re-used, by keeping these four tips in mind:

1. Have an Engaging Deck

It almost goes without saying that a B2B sales presentation today will be built using PowerPoint. However, there seems to be something about PowerPoint that can turn the most intelligent, articulate, engaging people into boring, canned presenters. You risk losing the audience’s attention even faster if you don’t get the opportunity to present your deck in a live presentation (for example, when your deck gets emailed to someone and read on their own terms). Safeguard against such scenarios and make sure your deck is visually engaging and well-built from the start, so it keeps your audience’s attention focused on the important points on the screen. Leverage pre-built templates designed with this purpose in mind, to make your decks stand out from the rest.

2. Make it Easily Accessible

There’s no point in having a great sales deck if it can’t be used and shared by others on your team. Store and appropriately tag your sales decks in your centralized asset repository – like your company share site, Salesforce.com or your sales enablement solution. Tag your presentations by keyword, audience type, product being pitched, stage of sales cycle (or whatever is most relevant for your company) so it’s quickly and easily found when your colleagues do a search. Keep in mind that sales presentations aren’t effective unless they are used for the purpose they were created for, so it’s important for your team to understand who the intended audience is and when in the sales cycle to use it. Tag appropriately with these functions in mind.

3. Spoon Feed Your Team

It’s wonderful when your team actively goes searching for the collateral you created, but between incoming calls, on-site meetings, growing email inboxes and more, this doesn’t always happen. They quickly get too busy to search for stuff on their own. When that’s the case, cater to the situation by aligning your presentation with buyer profiles and stages of the sales cycle and literally put your sales presentations right where they’re working – like within an Opportunity record in your CRM, like Salesforce.com. By spoon feeding the right presentation content at the right time in the sales cycle, you “fool-proof” the use of your presentation decks, save your busy sales team time searching (because it’s literally right there for them to use) and set your team up for greater success.                                                                                         

4. Prove It Works

There’s no greater enticement to get someone to use the decks you create than by proving they drive revenue. Leverage engagement tracking and analytics in your sales enablement platform to tie customer/prospect interaction with your presentation to closed deals. Know when and who opens them, how long the presentation was viewed, and most importantly, if the presentation was used to nurture a sale to the finish line. How cool is it to say to a colleague, “You should totally use this deck. It helped me close $250,000 in revenue last quarter!”

About the Author

Nichole Auston is the Marketing Manager at RO|Innovation, a SaaS provider of voice of the customer-driven business applications that empower companies to market and sell more intelligently. Nichole is a graduate of the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and has a passion for driving success for B2B companies through sales enablement and marketing strategies.

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