Four Ways to Get More From Your Presentations

Posted on June 20, 2014 in Public Speaking, Technical PowerPoint Help, The Key to Make a Successful Presentation, Tips & Tricks by Tobias Schelle

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Guest Post by Kevin Jordan

It is well known that educational, in-person presentations that teach people about your products and services can be highly effective in generating leads for a small business. The problem for many businesses is that it takes a significant effort to prepare and promote a presentation for a live event. Sometimes, the amount of work involved just doesn’t seem worth it, especially if only a few people attend. But what if you thought of your presentation not as a one-time event limited to a few people, but as a valuable piece of educational content, to be used over and over again in your marketing? Here are four suggestions for getting more mileage out of your educational presentations:

Make a Video Recording of Your Presentation

The easiest way to get more “bang for your buck” is to record your presentation on video. Simply set up a camera and tripod in the back of the room and press “record” before you begin your presentation. Just make sure that the tape or memory card you’re recording to has enough space to fit the entire presentation. Also be sure the camera is plugged in to an external power source so the battery doesn’t die halfway through the presentation. Finally, in order to capture high-quality audio, you’ll need to use a wireless external microphone. All of this equipment can be purchased for less than $500 (check out my video marketing training course for specific equipment recommendations). Once you have your presentation recorded, you can use it in a variety of ways:

  • Edit a “highlights” reel and put it online
  • Turn the recording into a DVD product that can be sold or handed out to prospective customers
  • Turn the audio from the recording into a podcast or series of podcasts
  • Use it as a training tool for the next person who has to give the presentation (even if that person is you)

Live Stream Your Presentation

This option is a little trickier, because it requires some technical know-how and enough bandwidth to pull it off. However, if you can make it work, this is a great way to make your presentation available live to a worldwide audience. Not only that, but depending on what service you use to stream it, you may also be able to put the recording on-line permanently at the same time as you stream it. Although it isn’t yet available to all users, YouTube now offers a live streaming service and even has a downloadable program you can use to set up your presentation. See this article for instructions on how to use the service.

Turn Your Presentation into a Webinar

Another way to re-use your live in-person presentation is to use the same slides in a live webinar. Although this does require actually doing the presentation again (unlike the first two options), if you use a program like Evergreen Business Systems, you can record your webinar and present it again and again as if you were still doing it live. In other words, to those attending the webinar it will seem like a live event rather than a recording. Using this method, you can run the webinar as often as you like and never have to worry about how many people are watching.

Use Your Presentation for Blog Content

Once you have recorded your presentation using one of the methods described above, you can get a written transcript made of the video and use that (with a little bit of editing) as content for your blog. Even a 30-minute presentation should have enough content to make 4-5 blog posts, and if it’s a longer presentation you might just have enough content for an e-book! If you’re really ambitious and the presentation is very good, you could even package together the blog posts with the video recording and post it on a membership site that you charge people to access (or give out access for free to generate leads). These are just a few of the many ways that you can make the time and effort you put into creating great presentations much more worthwhile. How are you going to get more out of your next presentation?


About the Author

Kevin Jordan is a small business marketing consultant and authorized Duct Tape Marketing consultant. He teaches small business owners simple, affordable, and practical ways to increase their sales and grow their businesses. He also teaches a course on video marketing and considers the creation of high-quality educational content to be an important part of his marketing strategy.


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