Big Bang for the Branding Buck: Market a Branding PowerPoint

Posted on June 10, 2013 in Editing Slides, Slide Content, Slide Design, Tips & Tricks by Toke Kruse

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Small business owners know how important it is to have a brand marketing strategy. Your strategy is essential because you won’t attract a solid customer base without it. There are numerous strategies you can try out when self-branding and you will probably end up giving many of them a shot at some point. One great way to get started is to explain what makes your brand or service so unique, using a branding PowerPoint presentation.

What Goes into Your Branding Ppt?

You want your branding presentation to represent your business in the best possible light. The audience should be able to understand the following:

▪ Who are you, and what products or services do you offer?

▪ What qualities should potential customers associate with your business?

▪ Where are you located? Physically, and online too.

▪ Why should people use your products and services? List the benefits.

▪ How do your current customers feel about your business?

To find out more about how to write a branding ppt, check out the earlier post, 7 Tips for a Powerful Company Profile Presentation.

How to Market Your Branding Ppt

Once you have a great-looking PowerPoint, you have to make sure as many people see it as possible. There are some simple ways to get your slideshow in front of potential customers that work very well.

1. Blog It

Post it to your business blog. Don’t have one? Then you need to start one! All small businesses should have a central place to send traffic. You can build one for free with WordPress, and it won’t take very long. When you do post the slideshow to your blog, you will automatically have a link to include whenever you market your business.

2. Go Viral

Post the slideshow to YouTube  – especially if you don’t have a blog yet. You want the video to be picked up by search engines, so spend time making your description perfect. Use relevant keywords in both the description and the tags. If you aren’t sure how to generate keywords, check out Defining Your Topic/How to Use Keywords on YouTube.  Then you are going to post it like crazy. Read on…

3. Link It

Share both the blog and YouTube links with your LinkedIn networks in an update. A tip-The slideshow should have social network links attached so that it can be shared whenever it is posted. Your LinkedIn network may end up sharing it if you make it easy

4. Post it/Tweet It

No brand marketing strategy is complete without a Facebook business page and Twitter account. Post the link and Tweet it- who knows who might watch it because they did a search of one of your keywords. Of course, it’s not all about social media. Try this brand marketing strategy…

5. Become an Expert

You should be establishing yourself as an expert. Write guest posts to blogs in your niche. Include a link back to your own blog – where the visitor should find your slideshow ready and waiting to be viewed.


Remember, it all starts with a solid slideshow. If you don’t have a branding strategy template [link] to use for your PowerPoint presentation, don’t worry. Simply go to and check out their selection.

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