The Pain-Free Guide to Creating a Business Model Presentation

Posted on May 29, 2013 in Editing Slides, Slide Content, The Key to Make a Successful Presentation, Tips & Tricks by Toke Kruse

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Imagine that you’ve been asked to give a PowerPoint presentation titled “What is a Business  Model?”

Groan… How do you know where to even begin?

But you’re really asking two separate questions.

One question is about content — what information should I include?

The other question is about design — what’s the most effective visual way to distill this information?

Well, here at Slideshop, we’ve got you covered on both fronts. Read on to learn how to throw together a business model presentation the pain-free way.

The Content Question: Do I Really Have to Write This From Scratch?

Please don’t do this the hard way. “What is a business model?” is one of those questions that the Internet has already answered for you; you just need to compile the information into a logical format.

And because Slideshop has got your back, we’ve already done the hard work for you. Check out these resources on the topic of business models:

* What Exactly is a Business Model? —

* What Is a Business Model? —

* Defining Your Business Model —

* What Is a Business Model? —

* Eight Models of Business Models, and Why They’re Important —

* How To Build Revenue: 24 Types of Business Models with Examples —

The Design Question: How Do I Make This Look Good?

So now you’ve skimmed our resource list, and you have a pretty good idea of what information to include. Maybe you cut and pasted the best stuff into a text document so you can re-word it for your presentation (with appropriate citations, naturally). Now comes the fun part.

No, I don’t mean the part where you start with a blank white PowerPoint presentation and spend hours wrestling with fonts, clip art, and bullet points. Seriously, that is the opposite of fun.

What I mean is the part where you visit Slideshop’s Business Model Templates page, choose the package that best suits your presentation, and download it. Then you spend half an hour dropping the information into the appropriate text boxes. And then you hit “save,” because you’re done. No wrestling necessary.

Our advice: Let business PowerPoint templates make your life easier. Hey, maybe even a little more fun.

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