Seven Tips for a Powerful Company Profile Presentation

Posted on January 24, 2013 in Slide Content, Slide Design, The Key to Make a Successful Presentation, Tips & Tricks by Toke Kruse

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Company-Presentation-originalIn businesses of many kinds, prospective customers and clients make the decision to work with a company based in large part on its company profile presentation. That’s why it’s essential that a company presentation ppt be created professionally. Here are 7 questions you should ask when developing your presentation – and what to do with the answers to each.

1. What is my objective?

There is a reason for gathering prospective clients to listen to your “spiel” – you want to build your business! What makes your company shine? Why should they choose you over any other company? Making the answers to those questions brilliantly clear should be your main objective.

2. How can I define our Vision, Mission and Target?

Whether covered in a single slide or several, communicating your company vision, mission and target is perhaps the most important element of your presentation. Spend time to make sure they’re well and clearly conveyed, showing your company in the best possible light.

3. What key points must be included in my slides?

It is very tempting to be wordy when putting together slides. In fact, a common mistake in corporate presentation ppt slides is squeezing in too many words, when a key word or two would be much more effective. Remember, when delivering your presentation, you can flesh out key ideas – they don’t have to be written out in great detail on your slides. In fact, it’s better if they aren’t! The slides are there to emphasize key messages and support you as you present.

4. How can I lay out my slides so they are easy to read?

Formatting makes a huge difference in the way your slide is viewed. Titles should be positioned and designed so they are easy to recognize and read. The most important information should be made most prominent (most often that means it should be noticed first). Fonts, layouts and other design elements should be consistent, for a polished and professional look. These are just a few of the more important factors to consider in designing your slides. Fortunately, this particular question can be very easily dealt with, but taking advantage of professional, pre-designed presentation templates. (More on those later on.)

5. What graphics or images will be most effective in supporting my objectives?

Graphs, charts, tables, images and other graphic elements can enormously enhance audience interest and understanding – and they’re a highly desirable alternative to a series of dry, text-filled slides.

6. How many slides should I include?

You don’t want to overdo it, loading up your presentation with more slides than can be easily digested. A good rule of thumb for many types of presentations is 10-12 quality slides, shown at a rate no faster than about one per minute.

7. Have I covered everything that’s vitally needed?

Once you feel like you’ve got a good corporate presentation ppt assembled, set it aside for a little while. Then go back over the slides with a fresh viewpoint – as though you were seeing them for the very first time – and make sure each of these elements are well covered:

  • Company history
  • General values
  • Core values
  • Fundamental principles

Of course, you should review the whole presentation with your fresh viewpoint, adjusting as necessary. But the points above are the most crucial in this particular presentation type.


There’s a terrific company profile presentation resource available to you at Pay them a visit and check out their company presentation template. It might just be the answer to creating exactly the sort of high-impact, sales-driving presentation you have in mind.


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