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First Things First: PowerPoint 2010 Download

In today’s working world, “presenting” has become nearly synonymous with “PowerPoint.” Microsoft’s development of PowerPoint presentation software program is surely among their biggest gifts to business people, educators, professionals and even students. Mind you, PowerPoint is not the only presentation software. Not at all. But it is so widely used and so widely recognized that […]

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How to Wow ‘Em: 4 Tips for a Memorable Corporate Presentation

No one in this room is having a good time. The audience doesn’t want to be here, because PowerPoint presentations are deadly dull. And you, the presenter, are doomed to spend the next 45 minutes lecturing to a room full of people who are already checked out. Does it have to be this way? In […]

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Flow Chart Templates: Better Organization, Better Function, Better Education

What is a flow chart template? Well, let’s start with an example. Have you ever had the experience of sitting in class or a meeting without understanding anything the speaker was explaining? There you are, totally confused, with the entire process being explained – but all the lines and arrows and boxes just don’t seem […]

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10 Ways to Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”

Q:  What’s the fastest way to turn a corporate presentation into a zombiefest? A:  PowerPoint them to death. It’s no secret that slide-based business presentations are often excruciatingly dull. Chances are, you’ve experienced this agonizing boredom from both sides, as an audience member and as a presenter. Here’s the thing: PowerPoint is not the problem. […]

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