Sound in Powerpoint, 3 good reasons to do it!

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Have you ever thought about including sound clips in your powerpoint? Well that was a great idea! Depending on the type of presentation you are giving, music and sound can be an effective factor that will contribute to the comprehension, attention and memory retention of your audience. Go for it ! Here’s why.


1. Stimulating various perception channels – Our memory processes by accumulating and storing information that comes from various channels. What we see, what we feel, what we understand, and of course what we hear.

Adding the appropriate sound to what you say will stimulate multiple parts of your audience’s brain and help them to understand and remember better your message.

Many people are actually very good at remembering audibly, and they will for sure like your presentation! Have you noticed how easy it is to remember a song? Stimulating audible memory is also why advertisers make jingles with their brand name. Use that trick as well!


2. increase attention – At first sound will surprise your audience. In a good way! Hearing sound will arouse their interest, make the presentation look rich and original. We’re living in the era in which people are used – and like- to be confronted with different media at the same time. Adding sound will help you to maintain the information flow that will keep your audience wired in and focused!


3. Enhance what you say – Presentations are all about conveying messages. There are many ways to do that, but the best way is to call for emotional engagement. Using sound in a clever way can help you achieve that! Think about it, music has the fantastic power of triggering emotions in us.

Introducing a new, exciting product? Unveiling an innovative cutting edge piece of information? Create a build-up by adding an intriguing piece of sound. Just like in a movie, and get the audiences’ hearts pumping! You’ll have attention like you never had before.


Trying to find the perfect coherence between your speech and the sounds that accompany will make your presentation engaging and inspiring for your audience.


It’s up to you now!

Now that you have some good reasoning on why sound is so important, here are some sound clips that will fit in a wide variety of presnetations.  Give them a listen, and think about how they may be applicable to your next speech.

Try talking  while they are playing, and notice how different you sound!


Telling a funny or – not so funny joke?  Try this:


“what if we could make the world a bit different different…”


“Our method to success is quite simple….”


Wanna do some story telling, why not do it with some music?

Trying to convey to the audience that they should avoid the next piece of information at all costs? Try this – it will wake them up, and the message could not be more clear!

So whether you are presenting to 10 people or to 100, some type of audio can always help the audience stay engaged and help with their memory retention after they leave the room.  Whether it be a audio track that is the entire length of the presentation,  or clips and effects that are scattered throughout the post, it can be an effective tool that sends elevates your presentation from ordinary, to extraordinary.

What about you ?

Have you tried audio in your track?  What was the outcome?  Leave a comment below and lets discuss!





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