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So that we can offer you the best choice of resources in your PowerPoint time of need, we have taken the time to review many PowerPoint blogs and have found 7 great ones. Our number one priority is to give our readers the best quality information concerning PowerPoint, whether it is through our blog or through another blog. A vision that Slideshop has is to become a hub of all the best PowerPoint resources on the internet. That is why we have started by reviewing over 30 different PowerPoint blogs to find you the best ones. Every blog naturally has positive and negative points, but in this post we will only focus on the positive ones.

1. Microsoft PowerPoint Blog This is a component of Microsoft’s infamous blog focusing solely on PowerPoint guidance. It really is a great resource and keeps its focus on technical information. The blog is a very popular base for reader interaction. They are also very active on Facebook, answering all people’s questions and making at least several posts a week. It is updated each week and is simple and clear to navigate through. A similarly-named blog called The PowerPoint Blog has no relation with the Microsoft PowerPoint Blog, and is all written by Troy Chollar, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP.
Tip: Try out the Webinar series for helpful videos to help improve your PowerPoint skills.

2. Indezine This blog is credited for its daily updates for all you religious users of PowerPoint. It makes use of screenshots to explain techniques and also regularly post interviews with reputable PowerPoint MVP’s. It is a great blog if you want to learn more about PowerPoint and its use within business. The lengths of the posts vary greatly and there is an incredible amount of content to help you with just about every PowerPoint need.
Tip: Use the search box to search for any topic you want help with.

3. Make a Powerful PowerPoint If you are a visual person, you will enjoy this blog, it makes use of lots of videos and pictures which are all well designed. The blog isn’t updated very regularly but there is a large amount of content already posted. If you like sharing posts there are links to many networking sites including a ‘blogit’ icon which not many blogs have.
Tip: Check out the top posts and pages on the side tab at the right.

4. Hook-Line-N-Sinker This blog makes use of many videos and pictures which help you to rapidly and easily understand the content. It is a slightly alternative and modern approach to blogging with an interesting and unique design. The posts are long and detailed, i.e. very comprehensive. There are a wide variety of topics included such as innovation, the future and nurturing creativity. Despite the wide variety of topics, there are still many posts which discuss basic skills and techniques about PowerPoint. There is also a discussion board to post your views.
Tip: Check this blog regularly for posted interviews and recent TED videos.

5. Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog This blog is second after the Microsoft blog in a Google search illustrating its popularity.The design is very minimalistic and the content is strong and easily comprehensible. You should check this blog out for interesting takes on PowerPoint design with posts such as ‘Presentation Tip: Create presentation visuals based on lessons from grade school’. Dave Paradi appears to have an interesting outlook on persuasion and he has written books such as “The Visual Slide Revolution” and “102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint” which contribute to the popularity and credibility of his blog. Also Dave is a well-known PowerPoint training consultant and has his own website.
Tip: Have a look at the links posted on the right tab for more blogs and information from the web.

6. The Presenter’s Handbook ‘The Presenter’s handbook’ is a published book about PowerPoint help but the author also posts a blog. If you read not only blogs but also books about PowerPoint and presentation skills, The Presenter’s Handbook offers book reviews so you can see what is out there in text form. There are interviews with authors and detailed book recommendations. Their motto, ‘How to give a captivating performance- every time’ really shines through in their blog articles. Many of the posts start off in an informal manner but also have content which is quite academic that can nevertheless be understood by the general public. They are a great read.
Tip: If you are a blog-sharing fan this blog has the most links to networking sites.

7. Presentation skills There is a large amount of helpful content on the site with very comprehensive posts. You can also search for blogs by category which is very useful. This blog is somewhat of a twitter sensation offering many valuable tips and links daily, and answering all followers questions. They post over 10 times a day. Finally they do not just post articles, there is a lot of interaction with these blogs with many comments.
Tip: Check out this post we found about answering questions confidently.

Unfortunately this blog post would be too long to include all the great PowerPoint blogs. So that’s why we’ve listed some more great ones:

  1. Presentation Process
  2. Communication Skills Tips
  3. PowerPoint Ninja Blog
  4. Topchee
  5. Remote possibilities

Whether you like looking at photos and watching videos, reading book reviews or watching interviews there are many many blogs out there and our goal is to help you find the one which suits you best. Here at SlideShop, our aim is to save you time sifting through all the PowerPoint resources on the internet by directing you to the best ones as well as the ones which suit your needs the best. The Slideshop blog is under a reconstruction at the moment. We aim to improve the content of our blogs and widen the variety of topics to include business skills, public speaking, innovation as well as specific how-to PowerPoint tutorials. In addition we have an idea for a webzine which would include all the most recent and best PowerPoint content from all of the web.  Stay posted as we have a lot more interesting topics in the pipeline for you!

How do you most like learning about PowerPoint – through videos, pictures or text form?


  1. Thanks for the mention! Also thanks for the links, many of which were new to me.

  2. Frank Rowley says:

    Hi Craig (is that your name?),

    You’re welcome for the mention. We have another blog review idea – The Slideshop Review Awards. There we would give awards such as best design, best content, most regularly updated and most commented-on. If you feel you fit any of those criteria, or can think of other ways in which you are better than the other PowerPoint blogs, then please do tell us!

  3. Thanks for sharing this list.
    Great presentation resources to learn from.

  4. Frank Rowley says:

    Hi Muhammed,

    We are really glad that you liked the post. We plan on making a similar one in the future where we award different blogs for best design, highest amount of interaction and best content. Hope you will like that one too!

    We just had a look at your website – it’s too bad it’s not in English, otherwise we would be happy to review it too. Do you write your blogs?

  5. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for visiting my website. I created it in early 2012. The concept is to help my audience to deliver a great presentation by highlighting best practices in presentation.

    Yes, I wrote all the content so far. I also have small team helping me in designing slides using good design approach.

    The website is written in Indonesian language since I want to develop my audience here.

    I hope to make the English version soon when the resources ready.

    I had a look to your site and really impress with your product. And some of your team seems from Indonesia also :)

    Hope we can make some collaboration someday.

  6. Frank Rowley says:

    Hi Muhammed,

    You’re welcome. I wish you the best of luck with your website and your business. Where in Indonesia are you situated?

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