5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Productivity in the Office

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However small or large a workplace, results are driven by productivity. Employee productivity is a major concern and low productivity cannot be fully blamed on staff. Talented employees are a hugely valuable asset for any organisation and to optimise their performance here are 5 simple ways to boost productivity and let staff deliver the results they are capable of.

1. Encourage, appreciate, reward and recognize

People will enjoy their job and gain satisfaction from doing it well if they know that people around them are appreciative and encouraging. Showing appreciation  and respect can take very little energy and can be done by giving constructive feedback or simply by writing, ‘Brilliant, thanks Patrick’. Writing those three words takes two seconds, but can make all the difference.

Creating a reward or recognition system is one way of achieving this goal. This could be done by selecting an employer of the month. It can also be achieved by developing  a more goal-oriented paying system such as as a commission-based system of which there are many different types depending on the type of organisation. Check out Slideshop’s slide deck for presenting employee recognition to your team.

2. Block Distractions
Being focused is a key factor in productivity and this requires distractions to be eliminated. With the internet and phones being vital in the running of  many organisations this can be a difficult task, however there are still ways to keep staff focused.

These include keeping a permanently clear desk, turning off email notifications and blocking distracting internet sites. Having a ‘Do not disturb’ sign can also help block distractions.

3. Customer Consciousness
Staff need to be able to identify their customers’ needs through effective communication with the customer. However they should also seek to WOW their customers, i.e. to give them more than they expect. One perfect example of a company who is known for customer consciousness is Zappos, they go to extreme lengths to satisfy their customers.

In 2011, Zappos sent flowers to a woman who ordered six different pairs of shoes because her feet were damaged by harsh medical treatments.

4 .Time management
Time management skills are critical in the workplace as employers organising their time effectively can complete tasks quicker and achieve daily goals. At Slideshop we use the software package Rescue Time which can measure time spent on each website as well as block distracting sites. The software can review inefficiencies in the time you spend on websites by monitoring your internet activity to show patterns in your day which you might not have noticed.

Another cheaper method to manage your time is to set up an excel spreadsheet  to plan time spent on various activities. Creating to-do lists and using calendars are also important tools.

It is vital to schedule regular breaks for employers within the work schedule especially if their work is mostly in front of a computer to improve focus.  If your organisation wants to present about time management to your team check out Slideshop’s Time Package template.

5. Creating a routine
Creating a routine within the workplace leads to a better sense of stability among employees as the day becomes predictable and people know where they need to be at all times. A routine also means employees can have breaks at the same time which can lead to better job satisfaction.

People’s productivity can vary at different times of the day so routines can be managed to optimise peoples energy. Research shows that the lowest time for productivity was between 12 and 2 p.m with only 6 percent of respondents saying this was their most productive time of day while 36 percent of those surveyed said that the morning between 9 and 11 was their most productive time of day.


By taking a few seconds to be polite, blocking distracting internet sites, taking on board Zappo’s steps to achieve customer consciousness, using Rescue Time and creating a routine your company can achieve increased productivity. This will lead to a higher output and revenue. Research shows that a more productive office is also a healthier one so employees will also benefit from changes you implement.

Do you have any other ideas about how to increase productivity?


  1. One of the most important ways to make sure you encourage productivity is to have a clearly communicated vision. When employees know what they are working for (for example to make a difference in the lives of children or to sell hope) then they are committed to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Great post!

  2. Frank Rowley says:

    Thanks for your comment. We could not agree more with you, it is essential that employees are aware of the vision their organization/company is trying to achieve. Especially if it involves saving or helping young children! May we ask what line of business you are in, or what type of organization you work for?

  3. Hi Frank,

    I just want to say Thank you! I am gathering resources with regards to employee productivity and you’ve shared a lot here. I learned something new :)

  4. Frank Rowley says:

    Hi Dorris,

    You are more than welcome, we are glad that we could assist you. Feel free to link to other blogs which you think are good or relate to this post. Are you a manager looking to improve your employees productivity?

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