5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sound In PowerPoint

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When delivering a presentation, no matter what the topic is, it is vital to keep the audience drawn in and interested. Mixing up the different ways the message is delivered can be the difference between your audience being captivated and inspired by your presentation or falling asleep. There are many great ideas about how to add that little bit extra to a PowerPoint presentation out there. The topic we are looking at today is the addition of sound. Sound is said to be the most sensuous element in multimedia and can change someone’s mood in an instant. A well-known film director Akira Kurosawa once said ‘The most exciting moment

is the moment when I add sound’. Here are 5 reasons why simply incorporating sound into a multimedia presentation can improve your presentation:

1. Stimulate as many senses as possible
This will keep the audience interested as different senses use different parts of the brain. The first sense we develop as babies is sound and we are genetically programmed to react to music with adrenaline levels. Levels of pitch produce different adrenaline levels and responses so the music choice is important.

2. Reinforce your message
Radio broadcasts regularly repeat the same jingles to get the audience to remember the radio frequency. Advertisements use songs in the same way. Often we hear a tune and instantly connect it to a product or brand.

3. Gaining attention
Many people have experienced that worrying moment just before they start delivering a presentation to a large audience -everyone is talking and it is proving difficult to get their attention. Music can be a great way to set the mood for the session and you can finish the presentation with the same music for consistency.

4. Add Emotion
Music can add emotion to the impact of images – from calming and sad to scary or triumphant.

5. Variety keeps the audience tuned in
If you’ve got a lot say, why not get someone else to help by recording quotes. People can switch off if the pitch and tone of a speaker goes on for a long time so you can use other voices to add variety and credibility to your message.

Using sound in a PowerPoint presentation can keep the audience interested and help reinforce your message. As the number of PowerPoint presentations used in business is continually growing, it’s vital to add that bit extra and impress your audience.If you are a musician presenting about music, why not check out Slideshop’s music themed slide deck? Or you can read more about how music affects the brain.

What do you think would be the best song or type of sound to engage the audience?


  1. Dr B Deere says:

    Very interesting points. Will be sure to acknowledge this next time I need to produce a presentation. I imagine short snippets of sounds are a good way to grab attention without annoying the audience!

  2. Frank Rowley says:

    Thank you for your appreciation Dr B Deere. Very soon we will publish a blog post about how to add sound to a presentation, so we hope that helps you too. We also agree that short sounds could be very effective. It is a rarely-used tactic which could make an impressive difference to any presentation.
    Do you have other questions about PowerPoint? We have one person who has their full focus on answering and helping people with any issue they might have regarding PowerPoint. So don’t hesitate to ask!

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