Top 6 Tips To Deliver A Killer Presentation

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Although there are so many people complaining about Death by PowerPoint, there are actually a lot of people who give good presentations. Some of them even give very good presentations. But you don’t have to stop there. Take your presentation to the next level by checking out these 6 tips on how to deliver a killer presentation.

Take your presentation to the next level by checking out these 6 tips on how to deliver a killer presentation. slide design are probably the two most important aspects of creating an amazing presentation, but both of them will be for nothing if you do not have any passion or put your heart into the topic you are presenting about. Some people

do their presentations halfheartedly because they were forced to do so and some are afraid of how their presentation will turn out to be. If somehow you are in that situation, hold your head high and take responsibility for being a person who has to get the attention of the audience and get them to understand what you are trying to get across to them

There is a big wall which separates a mediocre presenter from a world class one. One thing which you must do to break through that wall, is to connect with the audience you are presenting to, whether it be to their heart or their brain (depending on the type of topic you are presenting. Do not hold back, put your heart into your presentation, break the separating wall, and be a world class presenter.

2. First impression is the key

The first 3 minutes of your presentation are key to grabbing your audiences’ attention. Many presenters fail to successfully pull off this phase and end up leaving a bad impression until the end of the presentation. One time where everyone will be paying attention to you are the first 30 seconds of a presentation, so take this opportunity to get to a good start. Think of interesting opening words, a bit of humour will do the trick as well. Show some emotion by increasing the intonation of your voice and by putting a vibrant smile on your face. Try starting off light by telling them something interesting or funny about the topic you are going to present.

3. Walk around

“Don’t just stay still in your comfort zone.” This proverb is applicable to giving presentations. The Podium where you stand in front of your audience is a border which separates you from your audience. Make sure to walk around and get closer to your audience to connect with them more. If possible, use a small, handheld remote. This device will allow you to control your slides in distance and of course, to move away from the podium.

4. “B” key for a”B”etter advantage

A little-known and rarely-used strategy when giving presentations is to make your whole presentation go blank for a certain period of time, putting all the attention on you. In PowerPoint or Keynote slides, the “B” key is the magic button which will enable you to do this. If you press it, the screen will go blank. This is necessary if you want to stray from the topic and get the audiences’ eyes back to you. If you want to resume the presentation, press the “B” key again and the screen will magically re-appear. Do not believe it? Give it a shot!

5. The power of eye-contact and a smile

When you stand as a presenter, you have to keep in mind that you should avoid turning your back on your audience at all cost. That’s one big mistake which will make you lose your audience. Maintain eye-contact with an individual or two instead of scanning the whole audience. Take a quick glance to your presentation screen if necessary and then direct your eyes back to the audience. Engaging eye-contact combined with a vibrant smile will have a huge impact on the extent to which you connect with your audience. Have a look at this short you tube video of ours about the power of eye-contact and a smile

6. Darkness is bad for your presentation

Every presenter is tempted to turn the light off in the presentation room in order to make the screen look more distinct, but it is yet another grave mistake. A dark room is like a sleeping lullaby, it will induce a beast called drowsiness inside every person’s mind. You should remember that you are the “Star of the Show”. If you turn the light off how are you supposed to make your audience notice you? These days, projectors are bright enough to be used in a well-lit room, so be the warrior of light and drive away the darkness from your presentation.


So you now you feel like you are 100% ready to give your next presentation? You’re going to show some passion in your speech, keep the audiences’ attention by walking around, keep the lights on and be sure to use vibrant smiles and eye contact. Now that you’ve got all of those things covered, why not add the same level of quality to your slides? Check out 5 Secrets For Making Eye-catching Slides to add brilliantly crafted slides to your presentation. Alternatively check out 5 Methods to Organize your Presentation.

Can you think of any more great tips which have helped you improve your presentations? Then leave a comment down below :)


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