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Hello and Welcome to the NEW, BETTER & EASIER Slideshop!!!

Get a comprehensive update of where Slideshop is going AND one bonus feature at the end of the post. was established 3 years ago – today, 36 months later, we are now happy to announce a long list of new things that will make Slideshop by far the most unique and best design company to be aware of if you make PowerPoint presentations.

If we have been a little off lately, there is a reason – we have had to say goodbye to a lot of colleagues in Denmark. But on the other hand, we have welcomed a lot of new faces in Indonesia. Yes, it took some time to move to both Indonesia and the USA for the Slideshop team.

The new team will make a big difference to you as a user of Slideshop in the following ways:

We will get better as well as more new designs every month.

The website will be simpler and easier to use (new site is on its way!)

We will introduce a sizeable range of new services, such as Design Service, Hire-a- Designer, Slideshop for Organizations, and Slideshop for Designers… (more info to come)

New payment-provider supporting all credit cards in the USA, making the checkout process easier (please remember to update your card details the next time you log in)

These updated features are only a few of the new things that will come next month, so there are many reasons to browse through Slideshop when you need inspiration or new slides.

New headquarters in the Bay area

As part of the new Slideshop, we decided to move our Headquarters to San Francisco in SoMa and to finally establish a full design service office in Indonesia with room for more than 50 designers and support staff.

Meet the whole team that makes the new Slideshop possible.

Say “hi” to the new team

With the new Slideshop, we’re going to be even more proactive as a company and as people. That means a higher level of service for you and even more happy customers – this is something we continually strive for. Say hi to all of them.

Indonesia – Malang
Tobias Schelle is an owner and the COO of Slideshop. He makes things possible on a daily basis and on a more long-term basis. He especially focuses on support. He has moved from Denmark to Indonesia with his girlfriend Natascha, and he shapes the team and organization for the better every day.

Anders Kabel is our new Danish Design Manager. He focuses on the design processes, the design team and the web design. He has also moved to Indonesia and makes sure that every designer gets the hang of Scandinavian design quality—simple, clean and communicative.

Mira Marika is our Indonesian Design Manager. She has been with Slideshop for one year and knows all the processes and the quality we’re striving for. She lives in Indonesia.

Teylita Andriyarini is our Support Manager. She is planning and making sure that every supporter is doing their best and giving concise and precise replies to each valuable customer. She lives in Indonesia as well.

In addition to all the managers, there are the rest of the wonderful team who are doing a really good job every day: Novika Sari, Hanif Ula, Layla Erida, Andreas Syah, Agus Purwanto, Ellis Rachmawati, Frank Rowley etc.

Denmark – Copenhagen
Morten Fogde Christensen is our Danish Brand Manager and lives in Denmark with his girlfriend (soon-to-be wife – yay!) Pernille. He has been with the company for over a year and is now responsible for the brand instead of PowerPoint designs.

USA – San Francisco
Sebastian Seilund is the new owner and CTO of Slideshop. He knows a lot about software and web development and he is also the guy who knows how to optimize all the technical details of our website. He lives in San Francisco.

As for myself, Toke Kruse, I am the owner and CEO of Slideshop. I’m responsible for the strategy, administration and general oversight, making sure that everyone is doing what they are best at.
Slideshop is my tenth company as an entrepreneur, and therefore, it’s very special to me – as it is the reason I moved to San Francisco – a lovely city with so much energy!

Would you like to see all of us? Then check out our new team page. Also don’t hesitate to send one of us a personal e-mail – we love them.

On behalf of the owners, Tobias, Sebastian, and Toke, I would like to say thank you to all our happy customers for your support.

All the best,

Toke Kruse

Bonus: I’ve just finished my second book “Slide Satisfaction” – the ebook reveals how to seduce your audience and how you make better presentations. As soon as it is published, I will send a free teaser edition to all customers.

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