The 5th Power of WOW: Incorporate Result-getting Techniques

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Here are a few techniques guaranteed to add strength and power to your presentations. Including audience participation in your presentation commands attention, boosts learning, and builds interest in your subject. Pose informal questions to the audience etc.

One-on-one Contact

Eye contact is the best way to build trust and acceptance with your audience. Treat each person as if you are presenting to him or her personally. Depending on the size of the group, make eye contact with everyone at least once, if not multiple times. If this is not natural to you, it’s an important skill to practice and perfect.

Strong, Accurate Language

Studies have found that delivery has the largest impact on presentations and words a relatively small influence. However, review what you have written and look for the following style errors that weaken what you say.

Avoid vs Use

Passive Voice vs. Active Voice:
Later it was decided to… Later we decided…

Negative Form vs. Positive Form:
Did not have confidence in… Mistrusted…

Redundant vs. Correct:
New breakthrough… Breakthrough…
Current… status Status…

Interactive Devices

Build a relationship with your audience by immediately asking questions about their backgrounds or areas of interest.

Then, if you can, adjust your message based on those answers. Integrate topic questions into the talk — Pose questions during the presentation. Ask such things as “what do you think happened next?” “Does anyone know the outcome?” “What is the next step?” Ask whatever is appropriate to your subject.

Then call on the audience for answers. Ask for questions from the audience — If you’re a flexible speaker, tell your listeners they can ask questions during the presentation. If not, invite questions at the end. The first option will be more stimulating for the audience.

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