The 4th Power of WOW: Employ Your Personal Advantage

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As the speaker, you are the center of the presentation. Your visuals and hand-outs are there only to support you. It’s important to look and sound comfortable and appear honest and believable. The surest way to do this is to build your presentation around your own personality and style. It’s an old adage, but “be yourself” is the secret to success.


Are you a strong, dynamic speaker? Use your own voice to provide the attention-getting drama and emphasis needed to make important points. Then support them with visuals.


If you have a strong presence, or are agile and limber, take advantage of who you are. Move around during the presentation. Do live demonstrations, be animated when talking, and use movement to accentuate major issues.


Attempting to be strong and dynamic when you are a warm, softspoken person works against your believability. Write and present your talk from your heart. When you are not in front of an audience, how do you communicate? Use that style in your presentation.


An amusing anecdote, quote or funny story at the beginning of presentation puts your audience at ease. Humor is entertaining and keeps audience attention. If you are good at telling humorous stories, use this to your advantage. But make sure the stories relate to the subject and don’t offend anyone in the room. If you are not known as a good storyteller, don’t attempt humor. If your comedic timing is not good, humor can detract more than it adds to your presentation.


Business audiences respect experience and past success. If you have this advantage, use it to establish believability. Then promise your audience that learning through your experience saves them from making the same mistakes in the future.

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