The 3rd Power of WOW: Build On A Proven Success Tool

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Are you selling a product? Prospects want to know “what will it do for me?” Are you presenting to stockholders? Investors want to know how the news will affect their pocketbooks. Are you training employees and customers? They need to know how to accomplish a task, but also what advantages will come from the knowledge.

The proven tool salespeople have been using for years is to focus the presentation on benefits. Then cover the facts or features that make those benefits possible. Benefits are fulfilling basic human desires.

These include:
• Make money • Save time • Save money • Save effort • Gain comfort • Be appreciated
• Enjoy pleasure • Be in style • Be praised • Feel secure • Be successful • Look smart
• Be admired • Be an individual • Have beautiful possessions • Emulate others
• Take advantage of opportunities • Keep possessions • Avoid criticism • Avoid pain
• Avoid loss of reputation • Avoid loss of money • Avoid trouble • Avoid effort

Here are examples of focusing on benefits and supporting them with features:
Benefit: Save time giving branch offices weekly updates. (save time and effort)
Feature: The auto-dial feature can connect up to 25 numbers in 3 minutes.

Benefit: Your dividends will increase by 5% next quarter. (make money)
Feature: Company profits met first quarter projected growth figures.

Benefit: Use these techniques with confidence. (feel secure, be successful)
Feature: Each technique has been used successfully by experienced presenters nationwide.

Remember the above tips when organizing and presenting your message.

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