The 1st Power of WOW: Focus On The Needs Of Your Audience

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Whatever the subject of your presentation, it’s important to understand what your audience wants to gain from attending. The key to winning over an audience is to make their needs and desires the prominent part of your message. Here are some types of audiences you may speak in front of:

Selling goods and/or services
To capture attention, tell listeners what rewards they will personally enjoy using your product or service. Even if you are selling complex technology, your audience wants to know how it can save time, make money, reduce effort, or make them more successful.

Training employees or customers
While you cover the “how to” steps, be sure to interject the personal advantages each customer or employee will gain by having these abilities. The advantages may include working faster, reducing stress and effort, and many others.

Producing investor support
Why your company wants investor money is important. Support can be better built, however, by focusing on the benefits to the investor. These are usually financial, but can also be such things as satisfaction of contributing to an important advancement or being part of historical innovations.

Informing stockholders
The usual goal of this type of presentation, good news or bad, is to reduce investor concerns, or sell stock. If you make these presentations, you are probably already emphasizing your investors’ needs. We suggest you review your material to be sure you haven’t missed an opportunity to say “you” instead of “we.”

Informing the community
Community presentations usually concern something your company has done, or plans to do. To make the work acceptable, be sure to cover the benefits the community (your listeners) will enjoy from the work. Then prove what you say by listing the actions that will create these benefits.

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